Google Android | What Surely We Love From Android

Android, Smart phones based on open source is more interesting.
Android at this year's popularity began to look and captivate everyone, though its existence has been almost a year. Because now more and more support for Android-based phones on the market. Especially with the number of operators who sell the package with a data access service. Smart phone based on Google's artificial system is indeed suitable for many mobile users who need to access data and Internet. And increasingly seen with many Internet-based application support are available for Android.

Know Android
Mobile operating system with the symbol of green-like robot R2D2 in Star Wars is an open operating system developed by Google with a number of leading vendors and PDA phones such as Acer, Dell, HTC, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, and more.
Menurutb statistical data, in the first quarter 2010 sales of Android phone in the world has already reached 60 000 more per day. Competition with the iPhone is quite strict. Anroid attractiveness compared with besutan Android Apple, in addition to the open source system, as well as nearly 60% Android applications for free. Compare with applications for iPhone that only 25% are free.
Android Market has more choice of tens of thousands of applications, both free and paid. Any type of applications ranging from Internet applications, social networking, related to work activities. Utilizing Android of course could not escape the higher the access speed Internet connections to facilitate communication and socialization through cyberspace.
android multi task
Android Excellence
Many things that makes Android worthy of choice and consideration to replace (or to complete the collection) that your handheld smart phone everyday. Here are some advantages compared Android to the iPhone or Blackberry.
  • Multi-tasking
    Android capable of running multiple applications at once which is not limited to, whether applications originating from congenital or additional systems from the Android Market. Listening to music while browsing and receiving notifications can be done. Unlike the iPhone, which support multi-tasking is very limited.
  • Home Screen is very Informative
    The concept is really like Windows Mobile where we can monitor any notification from the Home Screen or main window system. Not only that Android also provides a place for other notification widget-widget to be at his Home Screen.
    This way that facilitates access info faster than the Home Screen on Blackberry or iPhone.
  • Many Options Tool
    As said before, vendors supporting this system are many, so the choice of devices that can be used also increasingly diverse. The price also varies. From the expensive, moderate, or even cheaper, you can choose yourself. This means that could be matched with funds in your wallet to have it. Average handset uses touch screen and 3.5-inch screen size with a minimum processor speed of 600 Mhz.
  • System Modification
    This is the advantage sought by a modifier on the internet, with much freedom is given, including also the option used by the operator. In addition it can also make jailbreaking to modify the system ROM. In fact there are several communities on the Internet that became the container and provide a customized ROM for this Android device. Do you know if these operating systems can be modified and then installed on a smart phone that does not systematically Android? Indeed, an experiment that already exist and succeed.
  • The Easy setting
    Android has been developed for a long time and much-awaited. Because it is not surprising if the emergence of this system as a system that is ready to wear with ease. Setting for everyday purposes is adjusted by the user activity can be done easily without the need of many changes. Setting up is done with the help of widgets straight from the Home Screen. And you can create a special shortcut to a particular setting in pairs at the Home Screen.
Android Market If iPhonedari App Store Apple has the iPhone and Blackberry with its Blackberry App World, it also provides the Android Market Android. There are many applications, the choice of nearly 50 000 applications. To mencaridan install the application can be done Over The Air (OTA) so that the more easier. Game of the application, Social Network, Internet, Push Mail, until the messenger, all available there.
Device and the Android system is felt graceful. In addition, its performance is quite excellent and can compete with other smart phone operating system. And for those of you who like to experiment with online applications or a lot of activity on the internet by mobile, Android that was the right choice for you, if you change your mind to try or have it?

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