Term Of Service (T.O.S)

Term Of Service  ( T.O.S )

By visiting our blog that is softandrose.blogspot.com then you hereby have beenapproved concerning the Term Of Service or about the conditions that have been created for your convenience together.

  1. Softandrose is a blog site that provides a digital information service
  2. Softandrose provides information about sharing our experiences, tips, reviews and sometimes can also be content sharing software, be it paid or freeware, shareware. And we value about copyright, therefore we suggest to buy/pay licensing or royalties from makers of the copyright. And if there is such a thing on our service, we do not recommend continuous use or commercial use, such use is limited to a trial.
  3. All information services which we have post is a means of sharing experience and ifthere are posts we are not pleased you can file a complaint to us, see About us for more details.
  4. It is prohibited to copy and paste one or all articles in our blog without written permission, except that lists backlinks source.
  5. It is prohibited to give comments with inappropriate language and contain elements of racist and offensive to others.

So a few points about the Term Of Service of our blog, thank you for your visit andyour participation as a convenience together.

Best Regards

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