Best Java Mobile Browser | Benchmark Test of Strength And Speed Mobile Browser

best mobile browser I think you must be familiar with the mobile browser, because I'm sure almost every person in the world have adequate phone and internet connection. Because of the tendency of mobile phone users as Internet advice is increasing, certainly everyone would not want to miss the information and just share in the media or the Internet. And certainly every phone has a browser built from the manufacturer, you sometimes get bored with the default browser application from the mobile phone and want to try Java-based browser application. Because it is in an era now almost all mobile phones supporting JAVA system. But did you know Mobile Browser Application which are the most resilient in terms of performance and speed do you think? OK, time I will try to discuss about a power struggle and the speed of mobile web browser application according to my version, because of my experience using a web browser JAVA applications turned out to every browser has its advantages and disadvantages of each. Let us refer to, tips and tricks from following me.

Whether this time I will make a mobile browser application benchmarks, why should be compared? because kebanyakn operator rates apply based on volume based in terms of data usage and this benchmark to determine the browser application which are the most efficient and fastest. And as the test material and speeds performance, application will I use is the most popular browser applications downloaded and used by many mobile phone users around the world. Browser applications, among others;

  • OperaMini 5.1 (New Release)
  • Bolt 2.0.1 (Latest Version)
  • UCWEB 7.0
  • Tea Shark

source settings / preferences application, in setting the best / highest option.

source to open a web page I use this blog,

source emulator Nokia N70 using the software v2.0 and microemulator sjboy

And from the results of testing and comparison results are as follows;

Browser Appl Send Data Received Data Time Up and Down Page
Operamini 6,5 kb 235 kb 50 sec
UCWEB 2,5 kb 67 kb 45 sec
Bolt 2.0.1 1,7 kb 62 kb 18 sec
Tea Shark 2,9 kb 73 kb 39 sec

browser mobile parade

Okay, the results of this benchmark just a comparison. Living now you set yourself which one you think.

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