How To Enable Downloads And Uploads With JAVA Apps On MicroEmulator

JSR-75 configuration to access files on Microemulator Java applications.

JAVA JSR75 Previously about , but I think something is missing in the use of Internet applications such as without any file access features such as download and upload files and save the page. This feature actually do exist in the applications installed on your device, but in microemulator to enable this feature there are special tricks to be able to function in accessing files on the computer. What kind of trick, see more below.

Today java applications for the internet browser already supports the use of JSR-75 to access files on the phone, meaning that JAVA applications can process the data / files such as downloading files on the Internet or download the file and store it in memory storage.

But for use in Microemulator for file access functions with JSR-75 can run any special tricks, such as what the trick following steps;

* Open the Applications MicroEmulator
If you do not already have this application you can download it directly on the official website.


You can download the latest release version MicroEmulator (latest version has reached version 2.0.4).
save the file downloads in the form. Zip and you can extract the specific folder you wish. But I suggest you put the extracted files earlier in the Program Files folder C: / Program Files/microemulator-2.0.4 to be easy and not messy.

  • Download the Java Application That will be used
    For the java application I recommend to download a file that form. Jar and. Jad too.

For those who do not have, please Download here.

  • Save the file. Jar and. Jad apps folder MicroEmulator
    C: / Program Files/microemulator-2.0.4/apps

Now we start to configure, do as follows;

  1. Because this MicroEmulator application extension. Jar so make sure you already have a JRE or Java Runtime, if no please go to to download the latest version. And make this JRE as the default for opening the extension. Jar
  2. Run MicroEmulator. Jar
  3. To measure this MicroEmulator application window screen can change to change, how to open the application, after the windows screen appears click the menu "Options" then "Select Device", click "Add", enter the apps folder "C: / Program Files / microemulator -2.0.3/devices "select" microemu-device-resizable.jar "
  4. Select "Resizable device" and then "Set as default" and then "OK"
    Now this MicroEmulator application window you can set as you like by dragging the side or corner of the window. Or click "Resize" and enter the screen size you want and click "Ok".
  5. Up here you can open by default JAVA applications by clicking "File", "Open MidletFile" and select the file. Jar that you save.

In order for this MicroEmulator can access files that supports the JSR-75, which needs to be done as follows;

  • Create a Shortcut to microemulator. Jar on your desktop
  • Right-click the shortcut was then choose "properties", click the tab "shortcut" in the field "Target" replace with the following targets;
C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ java.exe-cp microemulator.jar; lib/microemu-jsr-75.jar org.microemu.cldc.file.FileSystem org.microemu.examples.fcview-impl . FCViewMIDlet apps \ java_apps.jad

(Note; java_apps is a java application that you keep the extension. Jad only and be sure to JAVA applications between. Jar and. Jad to be the same)

  • Beyond config2.xml you need to edit the apps folder default location on

C: / Documents and Settings/username_anda/.microemulator/config2.xml, open the last file in a text editor or Notepad.

  • enter the following code before the code </ config>

<className> org.microemu.cldc.file.FileSystem </ className>
<property VALUE="C:\" NAME="fsRoot"/>
</ Properties>
</ Extension>
</ Extensions>

  • Then click save or save the file earlier config2.xml
  • Now the shortcut should now be able to function, click 2x to try to open the shortcut you created.
  • Will appear a DOS window screen accompanied by the display window MicroEmulator JAVA applications that you have set previously.
  • If you need to use proxy for browsing that you like, edit the back config2.xml earlier and fill in the following code;

<system-properties> <system-property name = "http.proxyHost"
<value=""> </ system-property>
<System-property <name="http.proxyPort" value="8080"> </ system-
<System-<property name="http.nonProxyHosts" value="localhost">
</ System-property> </ system-properties>
</ Config>

    Note: Replace with your proxy and 8080 with the proxy port you use.

  • Applications Now you can use, and if you need to create a shortcut for other applications that fit your taste.

Okay, good luck,,,,


  1. I really want to be able to do this and I have attempted to follow the directions. I am using Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium. I got an error message as seen below when I double clicked on the shortcut.

    I think the error may have been caused when copying and pasting the target string into the target field. I think there may be unnecessary spaces in your string. What is the exact string that I should copy?

  2. Hi Eric, thanks for comments. Looks like the functions and settings of the script for the JSR-75 may be not correct, please check back for script setting on the shortcut such as;

    "C:\WINDOWS\system32\java.exe -cp microemulator.jar;lib/microemu-jsr-75.jar –impl org.microemu.cldc.file.FileSystem org.microemu.examples.fcview.FCViewMIDlet apps\java_apps.jad"

    whether the file. jad and. jar is placed in the folder may be on C: / Program Files/microemulator-2.0.4/apps, and replace this java_apps.jad accordance with the original file name. jad and. jar in that folder for example;

    opera-mini-5.1.21214-advanced-id.jad on that folder the script may be like this;

    "C:\WINDOWS\system32\java.exe -cp microemulator.jar;lib/microemu-jsr-75.jar –impl org.microemu.cldc.file.FileSystem org.microemu.examples.fcview.FCViewMIDlet apps\opera-mini-5.1.21214-advanced-id.jad"

    Please check back, sure definitely can!

  3. hi i know im very late
    i did all the steps but when it comes to downloading its the same it gets out of opera mini
    and tells me that the midlet wants to run the downloading link

  4. Please follow the step by step, guaranteed to succeed.

  5. hi soft n rose...

    I followed step by step...
    but after edit the XML this property VALUE,

    "property VALUE="C:\Users\Cyberster\Desktop\microemulator-2.0.4\apps" NAME="fsRoot"

    its getting back to default micro emulator skin... and the XML restored to what it was.

    whats the problem?


  6. sorry, I got success after edit 'start in' field correctly! thanks...

    1. sir can u help me

      wht to write in place of "NAME" and "fsRoot"

  7. Hi,
    can U help me...
    what about linux? I can run opera mini 6 with microemu 3 but I cannot save files!
    can I use it?

  8. i tried it on handler.. still cannot download.

  9. i have done on windos 7 and succesfully but on widos xp it still cant download

  10. Windows XP- Doesn't work. It can't run the jad file but runs the jar file successfully, though jsr-75 not yet