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Back ARTAV released the latest update for his antivirus and also notification about changes its name to , no longer using the name ARTAV Internet Security. Hmmm, maybe with this name change ARTAV be specific, more simple and easy to remember. ARTAV Antivirus its most diligent in doing this update for the antivirus, of course with continuous updates are definitely anti-virus developers are more serious in doing repair and development and improvement of a lot better to fight computer viruses continue to evolve.

Yup! What's new in the latest changes in ARTAV AntiVirus 2.6?

I think for ARTAV Antivirus 2.6, antivirus developers seems to further refine this again starting from the appearance of the now much simpler and also fixes the bugs and the addition of a database type of the virus more.

Here are reviews for the latest update release ARTAV AntiVirus 2.6 dated 20 February 2011 from the official site ARTAV AntiVirus;




  • Name-Change Internet Security to Norton Antivirus
  • Detect False-Improvement by Foreign Antivirus
  • Feature-Elimination Registry Tweak and Sound Warning
  • Online Update-Improvement
  • Addition of 47-Virus Type 
  • Improved Heuristic vbs




  • Complete Report-Form (Scanned Files, Files Detected and Cleaned File)
  • Change Main Display
  • 100% Compatible Windows 7

For those of you who still do not understand How to install Artav into your computer, here's the tutorial;

  1. Then Install for ARTAV installer
  2. If there is writing "ARTAV is already run in your system", point your mouse cursor to the bottom right corner, then locate the picture icon Artav, right click select Open Interface
  3. You now already can use Artav
  4. If you do not find the icon Artav, please restart your computer / laptop, and check back for Artav icon on the task bar

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