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safarij Downloads Safari 5.0.3 Multilingual Portable

I'm sure everyone is more interested in the browser this one, ranging from speed to a simple and attractive appearance. Well, this time I try to share the Safari browser application, but this time not the default version, but the portable version without having to install the application into our computers. Yup! Download Safari Browser Portable Version.

Why should choose a portable? because I think a portable version of the application that is much more efficient and flexible because it can be taken anywhere without having to install software to your computer. Of course, this portable version can be stored into the flash disk or external memory that can be used anywhere and anytime.

This post I try to share a portable version of the Safari browser application, the Safari browser version 5.0.3 which I think is still a new version / up to date. For Every one who’s mobile users its really useful aplication, , is certainly very useful, because when that is not expected to browse the Internet using a public computer or do not belong to itself, of course we do not want to take a risk by leaving personal traces, such as contact info, passwords and other account personal. Because cookies or cache while after we use are still lagging behind and worry about being tracked by people who are not responsible.

Of course with this Portable Safari is much more secure and comfortable, because the trail is stored in portable folder without deleting it first impressions and do not have to bother installing the software in advance just simply plug and play, ready to use the Safari browser.

Safari Browser Portable

And after I tested the browser is very stable, runs smoothly without any problems and disorders. Well, for those of you who want to collect the portable browser, this application ought to have and there are in your FlashDisk.

For Safari Plugin

Extract Flash Plugin.

Extract and run SafariPortable.
If you want to backup cache: edit SafariPortable.ini
Settings of installed Safari should be preserved.

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