Google ChromeOS, Download Super Faster OS by Google

google_chrome_os Google Chrome, of course you would have thought Chrome is a super-fast browser made by Google. But what if Chrome is the operating system for computers, yup! Google released an operating system for computers, after Google successfully mastered the market for operating systems for smartphone via the Google Android. This time Google tried to market the computer through a Google Chrome OS, which claimed to be super lightweight and fastest OS today and Google began to challenge Microsoft with its Windows and OS open source Linux and Apple with its MacOS.

So what advantages this OS made by Google?

Google Chrome OS

OS Chrome has been launched as a trial program or are still in beta, so for those who want to use it can register and download them online. Google plans to offer Chrome OS pre-installed in pairs on a computer or branded manufacturers (Acer, Samsung, HP, and other). In the future new operating system OS Google Chrome will be sold as a standard option when consumers buy a laptop or a branded computer.

Feature and benefits inherent in the Google Operating System (OS) Chrome For PC / Desktop Computer:

  • Operating System that is tough and can be used on Personal Computers and Servers
  • OS Chrome 100% free for personal use and commercial
    Booting OS
  • Google Chrome two times faster than Win XP and Mac OSX and three times faster than Vista or Win7 Microsoft
  • Capable of running almost any software for Win and Mac OSX with a built-in emulation software. OS Google chrome can run almost 99% of software (Software) and of all the original Win XP, Vista, Win7 and MacOSX software
  • Just need a lightweight PC specs are: Minimum System Requirements hardware needs:
    600 MHz processor, 256MB RAM, 1.5GB hard disk space
  • Created for multiplatform, which can be used on the TabletPC, PC and mobile versions (available)
  • Can Automated parallel high speed in processing with Dual and Quad Core processors (multicore support)
  • Ease of installation, just copy the Google OS on a formatted HDD then automatically he can install it yourself (Auto Install)
  • Support format your hard disk with FAT32, NTFS, Linux
  • Google OS protecting the kernel with a lot better than Win, HDD file system and file system Google OS STOP able to protect your PC from all types of Virus and Spyware nearly!
  • Hundreds of free software provided by Google, and OS Chrome Microsoft Office 100% compatible and can be installed GoOffice Suite.
  • Perfect running Google Chrome and easy to find information on the Internet, such as looking for keywords Indonesia ready to compete in the SERP, GMail and Google Docs all, application and service!
  • No ads on Google Chrome OS in software, free registration and free for all software provided by Google.
  • Google Chrome does not use the OS taskbar system confusing, very simple and easily understood.
  • Google Chrome OS can be installed on the flash drive (Portable OS)
    Looks like Google Chrome OS will be like the Linux Operating System Free with the ability to (over) Win.


Well, you can for those who want to try the power of the operating system concoction from Google.

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