Nokia phones Lumia 730 Dual SIM Can take photo Selfie more than 1000 people

Photo selfie with the object of 1 to 5 persons have been wont to do. Well, what if with 1000 people in it?. Nokia mobile phone dual sim capable 730 Lumia do that. In all snapshots or in one frame-powered Smartphones, Windows Phone is able to pick up objects humans more than 1,150 people. Wow! Amazing,,,

In cooperation with a well-known beverage company Coca-Cola, Microsoft holds a special occasion to demonstrate the ability of the camera of the Nokia selfie the 730 Lumia. The event takes place at the Bashundhara City Shopping Mall in Bangladesh follow by Bangladeshis who are enthusiastic and want to participate directly to record pictures of the world's largest selfie.

As a result, about 1,151 people successfully captured by the front camera Nokia Lumia 730. Photo selfie photo then became first in the world with more than 1000 people in it. Automatic, selfie photos from Nokia this beat the record 730 Lumia photos most selfie made previously by the Lava smartphone capable of capturing photos selfie as many as 1000 people using Iris X 5. Unfortunately, the record made of lava is not recorded in the Guinness Book Of records.

Guinness only records selfie largest if the photo is a photo of selfie taken at the 2003 Oscar events by Ellen DeGeneres. Then only approximately 279, as written by page. Associated with this record-breaking, Microsoft is still awaiting word from Guinness to take down photos of selfie they make it. Photo selfie program has been uploaded to the Microsoft Facebook page of Bangladesh such as shown in the picture below.

Well, what's the secret of a Nokia smartphone Lumia 730 could take photos of selfie more than 1000 people this?. Although the front camera Lumia 730 5 MP-capable only, however this camera equipped with wide angle and the focal distance (focal length) 24 mm with Full HD capabilities. so that the front camera of this phone makes it possible to capture a lot of objects to capture with crystal clear images. This smart phone also comes with a variety of built-in photo editing application for Lumia. With these applications, users are able to embellish photos selfie produced.

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