How To Send A Thank You On Facebook With The Video Say Thanks

A new feature again launched by Facebook. All users can now send a thank-you Video (Say Thanks Video) to all his friends and relatives. With this new feature, all users are expected to be the world's largest social networking can be more expressive shows gratitude according to the desires of his heart through a video greeting card.

The video features Facebook credits this already can be used either from your computer or from your mobile phone. Currently, this feature is already supporting a range of world languages such as English United Kingdom, Portugal, Italy, Turkey, Germany, Spain, France, including also the language of Indonesia.

Facebook Credits Features Via Video (Facebook Say Thanks Video). Then how do I use the Video features Say Thanks on Facebook?. Pretty easy. Facebook users can choose the friend that will be sent, pick a theme and then selecting or uploading the photos that fit into a video. The steps are more or less like this:

Please open the video features Facebook credits at the address (sign in or log in to Facebook).

Then select the friends who'd sent this Video to Say Thanks.

Next, please select one of the available themes (old friends, friends, family).

With little creations and ideas, select the photos in the photo album or upload photos (add your photo) is appropriate to include in the video's credits to this. These photos will be displayed i.e. a slide in the Video Say Thanks. If necessary, create the first pictures with the writings of thanks to those concerned. Make sure here you choose or upload at least 5 photos.

Once all photos are selected, please see the first "preview" videos of her by hitting the Play button. If it is reasonably impractical or less attractive, change and select more pictures to the video looks quite interesting.

After you have finished and are convinced that a thank you video stuck in the hearts of friends or people who will be sent, please share the video Say Thanks on Facebook. When you share and post a video of Facebook credits, you can choose who can see your posts, videos can for all partners, or only certain friends.

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