All About Android RAM II

Big RAM, Smoother Multitasking

Random Access Memory (RAM) are the components that play an important role in mobile devices such as mobile phones. Big nothingness RAM determine the performance of your mobile phone. If it is embedded in a mobile phone then it cannot be replaced, supplemented and enlarged. What is the role and function of the RAM on a mobile phone?

RAM serves to store and supply the required data the processor is fast, but its only temporary data storage. The role of RAM cannot be ignored, a cell phone it is impossible will operate without this temporary memory.

RAM capacity is usually measured using the size in megabytes or gigabytes. This memory contains data running applications so that the data in RAM will be lost if the phone is turned off. The more RAM that is implanted to make mobile phones allows storing data more or bigger. Memory of comfort to its users also do multitasking in a feature or application.

The workings of this temporary memory processor performance in assisting in a mobile phone if the user opens the application browser, then the processor will unlock it from the internal memory and then loaded into RAM, so that processors will work faster to process it.

The processor is where the data processing that has the ability to work quickly. If relying on internal memory to supply data on the internal memory will not be able to keep up the working speed of the processor, so the role was taken by RAM as an intermediary.

So important is the role of RAM on a mobile phone, unfortunately this capacity cannot be replaced, added or enlarged. To keep the space adequacy
mobile or cell phone users should be concerned, if not then the performance will be slow.

There are a few solutions that can be used to keep this temporary storage space, i.e. users must often perform removal of cache
on the phone, but this is only temporary. Another solution that can be used is to use external memory or microSD or with the help of a
application of Swapper.

RAM that is embedded in mobile phones in circulation in the market is quite diverse, there are small, medium or large as 512 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB and 3 GB. While the availability of internal memory are the same ranging from small, medium and large.

Typically, the small A6 RAM mobile and small internal memory used by cell phones low end category. As for the medium-sized category mobile phone used by the middle class and large RAM used by premium products. Big nothingness RAM largely determine the features and applications that can be installed or played. This memory can be likened to a desk, while working at the table is likened to

CPU or processor. So the larger the her desk job that can be done automatically more or diverse. Large RAM makes its users
quite freely play a variety of great activities or various applications simultaneously.

mobile phones are released the manufacturer or vendor is tailored to the intended market segmentation. If there is too much multitasking, then RAM activities need not be too large, with only 512 MB is more than enough.

For a mobile phone with a 3 MB RAM, was released in 2003 by using Symbian operating system on the Nokia mobile phones. Nokia's Symbian operating system is quite stand up to the year 2009 with a capacity of 128 MB of embedded RAM. In 2010, Sony Ericsson mobile phone with a take-over brings the capacity of RAM 168MB using the Android operating system. RAM evolved the following year into 256 MB used by LG mobile phones, using the operating system Android Gingerbread.

The year 2012 is going competitive pressure to A6 phones showing big RAM, Samsung brings with 384 MB, 512 MB and 768 MB. But overtaken by
Apple brings 1 GB RAM. While the years 2013, capacity was up to 3 GB of RAM. Even up to the highest RAM capacity by 2014 still revolves around 3 GB, towards the end of 2014 begins to grow to 4 GB capacity carried by ZTE.

Time Line Of RAM used on Mobile Phones;

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