How to View the Status of a song Was heard in the BBM

BBM updates for Android to version 2.5 is not just a mere bug fix, but add a lot of cool features of BBM. Yes, now the BBM application for Android already seemed like BBM on aBlackBerry device.

Starting from Timed feature on Messages and Message the Retraction may disappear on its own like a ghost, now users can also update the Android status his BBM automatically with the title and singer of a song he heard was through Androidnya BBM the Smartphones now playing news feed updates. In a previous version was already there setting to display what others listen, and now added a menu to set what you hear.

To do this one easily. Simply go to the settings menu in Your Android BBM (make sure you're using version 2.5 upwards). Select the option ' show on life Being I hear ', and/or 'turn on the option ' Show Who Heard someone else '

Now the BBM system will automatically save the activity of listening to MP3 and used as status updates now playing in your contacts. And, you can also view the changes directlyunder Your BBM profile display name.

To see what Your friends are listening to, select the notification tab only. Easy isn't it? But sometimes when you listen to the song was long but BBM you are not showing what you hear, please check out the following tips to get over it.

Tips and tricks how to resolve BBM Android can not update the status of the automatic music

1. make sure you've turned on both of the above options through the BBM Settings.

2. Stop while BBM applications, how to open the ' settings/settings '-' Android ' App-select BBM, and then tap on the ' Force Quit ' and ' Clear Cache ' if it exists.

3. run the application of BBM, and replace a track on Your music player application.

4. If you still have yet to appear, turn off Your Android smartphone, and then try to open MY BBM and listen to the song.

5. still not work? Try to replace the application with any other music player.

Well, says the latest BBM Android tips slightly. Good luck and Godspeed!!

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