Tips On Optimizing The Camera Features

The camera is now becoming one of the part and parcel of a smartphone. Almost all smartphones currently already supporting facilities on this one. Whether it relies on standard resolution or high resolution digital camera equivalent. Not excessive if many smartphone users now avid photographing using mobile phones. In fact, there is a tap a cell phone for his photographic talent. Well, any mobile phone with a camera photographed turns out not just his home course. You can get more photos yield a maximum by utilizing various features available. The alias you can optimize features in the camera to get the best photos. Here are some tips and tricks that can be used to optimize camera functions on a smartphone.

  • High Dynamic Range (HDR)

Worthy of Note If the majority of smartphone cameras especially the segment already rely on this feature of HDR. Mere information only, features HDR allows you take three photos with three different exposure i.e. low, standard and high. Well, the features on the camera it will unite the third result image snapshots automatically and you will get the best and most optimal results. HDR can be used under certain conditions and is suitable for taking pictures in landscape format. The backlight, HDR is very helpful, because unification of dark and light colors will produce the best photos.

  • Remote Shutter

On some smartphones, a physical shutter button there is usually on the side of body supplanted by digital keys. But know not if it actually, this digital buttons can still be replaced by a physical button. Take for example on Smartphones with iOS and Android operating systems, you can take pictures using the volume buttons. Even some phones can rely on sound for picture taking.

  • Burst Mode

This feature is quite useful if you want to get the best moments while photographing. With this feature, the camera will menjepret the same object multiple times within super fast. Well, staying just select images that best of the snapshots of the results.

  • Special Features


Each cell phones usually have special features that can be utilized. Take for example on the iPhone, you can tap and hold the shutter button for as long as needed, later the image will be stored in a single thumbnail.

  • Lock the focus and exposure

The object is moving, shooting is usually relatively more difficult because the focus is hard to come by. Well, you can mengakalinya by forcing the camera to focus and exsposure awake. How, tap and hold the screen in one object. Well, happy photographing!

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