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Lebaran / mudik is the usual yearly ritual held almost all Indonesian people to celebrate Idul Fitri in their own hometown, an event that only happens once a year is a lot of attention of all parties. From the government's busy directing traffic and transportation, or transportation, whether land, air or sea. Yes, because Lebaran synonymous with traffic jams, caused by the flow of people simultaneously in a time and a lot of places, resulting in the accumulation of vehicles on the road. But there's good news, there are ways in which we can monitor the first road conditions in real time and online. How does it hold?

Yes different from the previous government recently announced by the Directorate General of Land Transportation this year the official use of social networking site to provide information about passengers and backflow Lebaran 2010.

"This year we made a two-way communication with the travelers through Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo Messager," explained one of the officers Riftayosi Nursatyo Directorate General of Land Transportation in the National Post Lebaran Integrated Transport Ministry of Transportation, Saturday (09/04/2010).

Here's an account that you have noted and added;
Facebook: Lebaran Mudik Info
Twitter: InfoMudikLLAJ
Yahoo Messager:

Yosi adding social networking sites can be accessed from the H-7 to H 7. Given this two-way information, he also hopes that the community can provide information bottlenecks that occur in the field.

In addition to utilizing social networking sites, yesterday (03/09/2010) has also launched a mobile website that is that provide information back and forth in 2010.

Mobile websites are also equipped with CCTV cameras that provide images streaming online / real time at 22 critical points of jams on the island of Java, which consists of 11 points in the north, nine points in the South and two points in the west. Cctv location is located in Toll Cikopo, Simpang Jomin, Balongandu, Patrol, Losarang, Tegal Gubug, Kanci, Losari, Cape, Comal, Kulwaru, Nagrek, Terminal ASDP Merak, Merak Toll Gate, Ciamis, Gentong, Karang Anyar, Padalarang, Pejagan , Cileunyi, Sumpiuh and Sadang.

Which certainly, useful not!? therefore used to confirm the current condition of the road you will travel through before going home. nice trip!

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