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windows 7 ultimate
After yesterday I try and feel the latest Microsoft's Windows7 though only by using VirtualBox, this time I try to post the greatness and superiority of the OS Windows7 which he says is much more powerful. What makes this Windows7 far superior to Microsoft's operating system before? Ok, I just give opinions and reviews about Windows 7.
Introduction About Windows 7
Windows7 is an operating system created by the world software giant Microsoft. This operating system is the result of the development of the previous operating system, Windows Vista that he says there are still many weaknesses and shortcomings as well as complaints from users of this operating system. Windows users would prefer the stability and speed of Windows XP and some admire the graphical display presented Windows Vista. Starting from the weaknesses and shortcomings of this, Microsoft tried to present an operating system from the merger of two previous versions. Windows XP with speed and stability and Windows Vista to display stunning graphics. So meet Windows7 as a modification and merging of Windows XP and Vista.
Windows7 gadget
Stability Windows7
After I tried and felt himself the performance of Windows 7, the operating system is much more stable and faster than in Windows Vista and more seemed to use WindowsXP. To use the RAM from the operating system is more lightly and powerful, or more efficient source memory usage. Use of 1 Gb RAM is not a problem even for 512 Mb of RAM was able to run any operating system while it's still a little choked up a bit compared to Windows Vista. And of this be good news for laptop users with a mediocre spec.
Windows7 Excellence
For excellence Windows7, this operating system there may be a significant change compared with previous versions. Among them, such as choosing the Wireless network with just one click away, this is one of the important facilities of Windows 7, which facilitate us in choosing a wireless network. And it makes far more efficient and practical in its use. Compare it when we use Windows XP or Vista, which is certainly possible for the layman still confused how its consumer.
Keep any notification or warning feature, which warns us if there are changes with our computer. This feature is a solution that can help us avoid confusion with the changes and automatic system will warn us if there is a change in our computer. And every time there is a warning and a change occurs, the system will emerge and we can change the privacy level, such as "Tell Me Everything" to "Dont Tell me Squad"
Disappearance of the Sidebar, the sidebar is a characteristic that exists only in Windows Vista and this is what distinguishes the Windows Vista with Windows XP. Sidebar is a desktop application that contains gadgets and additional accessories to enhance your desktop display on our computer. And in this latest version of Windows 7, the sidebar was removed from the desktop. And instead gadgets are still there but free placement anywhere you want. Hmm, I think it might be a little messy happen without the sidebar.
Have you experienced problems while the files in the My Document us apart? Yes, this certainly is very inconvenient and confusing us in our search for files we need. Well, in Windows7 this problem can be overcome with the new features of the Library, a feature that will organize and arrange our documents on file type. And of course this menudahkan we find the file, even if the files are not uniform or cluttered. With this feature Windows7 Library on the files are put together and in sequence according to the type of file it is. So the more practical and efficient, no need to bother searching for files in the document.
Actually there are many new features and advantages of this Windows7 but I can not mention one by one, probably you already feel the new power of this Windows7. And in the end I conclude that this Windows7 very feasible for us to use, with strength, stability and flexibility offered, the speed and stability and performance Windows7 much better than previous versions.
Windows7 library
And to change the security system on Microsoft Windows 7 by itself be a top priority, with a significant change makes it much more stable and stronger. Since this is the primary key from a reliable operating system.
So What about you? Are you ready to switch to windows 7? Or still remain loyal to your Windows XP or Vista? Feel yourself the difference.

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