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The War Is Begin,,,

This new round of hostilities cyberspace, VS . As I read from BBC Indonesia, recently Facebook plans to launch services / new feature to its site "Email Facebook". If the service is actually launched, then the email service from the social networking site, this one will be a serious competitor of the senior, with Gmail, Yahoo! with Yahoo!mail and Microsoft with WindowsLive. Well, cyberspace email service competition begins,,,

Facebook by users that reached more than 500 million active users worldwide, will be a major threat to rivals. Not only a competitor, email service will certainly make a social networking site by Mark Zuckerberg is increasingly popular. Of course, with this email service, be more value not just social networking sites alone.

Prior to this email service launch plan, competition between Facebook and Google in attracting visitors in the virtual world have very strict. And this competition again reported a hottest in the virtual world, the competition both rising after the giant Google last week to block the usual contacts data obtained Facebook of electronic mail service Gmail. The more exciting,,,

Giant largest search site is taking such a step because Facebook fixed by the policy stance to maintain the privacy of its user's contact information, while Google believes strongly in openness and sharing of data. Conflicting policies.

In addition, Google also raised the salaries of employees by 10% to prevent the movement of its employees to Facebook, which is considered to have a culture of innovation is better because the smaller company. And now Facebook is now starting to strike back. Internet analysts expect the launch Facebook email is a direct attack plan against Gmail, which is estimated to have 170 million users around the world.

Facebook step into the latest breakthrough in the increasingly fierce battle in the global Internet supremacy. we wait for the next surprise,,, whats up! Next,,,

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