Worm_Rixobot.A Dangerous Worm Spread And Infect Thousands of PC Users

Worm_Rixobot.A, Blackmailer Worm From Russia, Infection And Expels Thousands of PC Users

russia Did you know? A worm has spread rapidly and has infected nearly reached 2500's of PC users worldwide, this virus originated from Russia and its mode of extortion virus to the victim who has been successful in infection and overpowered by requesting payment for the victim to return to normal PC . What kind of virus is this?

Trend Micro, a leading network security company announced it had successfully detected a malware and recognize it as worm_rixobot.A; This virus spreads very rapidly through the porn sites are infected, instant messaging applications / messenger and can also be via a USB drive that is already infected. And it turns out this virus better known as a worm rather than a Trojan.


The worm works very fast and with a flash to take control of the PC Users / victim, the Windows operating system on your PC and quickly destroy the security system can even block the user's Internet access. After the victim paralyzed PC, a message on the screen will appear automatically and forcing PC users to pay a ransom of about U.S $12 by sending an SMS message via a premium number to be able to get the key in order to normalize the victim PC.

With a flash worm managed to deceive about 2,500 victims and profit reached U.S. $29,500 in less than five weeks, great! Could be the number of users who are victims of far more than the estimate. After finding the beginning of infected files have been downloaded almost 137 thousand times during December ago, almost certainly most of the victims of the infection originated from Russia and more than 3,000 downloads from the UK according to reports the victim.

Hmmm, now we have to be extra careful in using the PC. Moreover, if we connect a PC with internet connection, and also not spared by the way and our bad habits in the surf at Internet. Of course a reliable security system is desperately needed. Most importantly get used to the . Okay, that's all.

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