Create Facebook Status Or Wall On BlackBerry Via PC

ViaPC Status Have you ever seen your friend write a status on his profile Facebok use your BlackBerry? Yup! Facebook puts a special icon for BlackBerry users, which indicates that user access Facebook via BlackBerry devices. But do you ever imagined, Create on your Facebook status with the BlackBerry icon without having to use BlackBerry devices with just your browser, be it via phone or PC Desktop. I found a good link of interest for your Facebook Status more attractive with the Blackberry icon below.

For those of you who do not have or can not buy BlackBerry devices do not lose heart if you want a paper on the status of your laced up the BlackBerry icon. And not only for BlackBerry devices only, here is also provided to other mobile devices such as Via Android,Via iPhone, Via Samsung Galaxy Tab, via Facebook for Public Telephone, via the Host, via a Dedicated Server, via a loan collector, via Lawyers Car, via Car Insurance office, via the Mortgage Agent, via Mesothelioma Hospital, via Life Insurance, via the Apple iPad, and much more. Please select themselves according to your tastes with your feel mood.

Follow these steps;

  • Login first to your Facebook account
  • Then select the device you want the following

BlackBerry Device

via Blackberry | |

via Blackberry Storm | |

via Facebook For Blackberry Torch | |

via Blackberry Torch 9800 | |

via Blackberry® Gemini ™ | |

Or here,,,

via Facebook for iPhone | |

via Facebook for Android | |

via Facebook for Windows Phone | |

via Facebook for T-Mobile Sidekick | |

via O2 XDA Atom Life | |

via Ovi by Nokia | |

via PlayStation 3 | |

via Facebook for Camera EOS 50D | |

And other device you’ll be find or search your self here;

  • Then create your own status

ViaPC Status

  • Yup! Done. View in your Facebook or profile to view your latest status update. Its Easy right!

FB Status View

  • Smile,,, You’ll See,,, Via Balckberry Device on Your Status,,,,


  1. shesil amellia raditz8/5/11, 8:31 PM

    anak durhaka ... ku kutuk kau jadii kue ...
    huhuh sedap nye ... :p

  2. macam sakai

  3. STYLE LAH :p


  5. You steal the person's facebook password then & hack their computer,videos, photos etc because no one can log onto their facebook account with the link you provided through a secure server. That link you provide on here for people to log into their facebook is an unsecured hack page. Yes, unsespecting people will be able to update their status with those little icons but will lose their privacy in process; good dfor yu.

  6. Hi guys its not hacker, just Facebook Apps for fun.

  7. i cant comment pls help

  8. this is so kwl ive posted soo many msgs thank you for hu ever did this

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  10. Only saying - updated via mobile phone, Facebook has blocked this I guess

  11. Here you will find free scripts with demonstration

  12. This information is very useful for me when i want to create a facebook status or wall on my blackberry via PC and it also helpful to other people.So thanks for sharing this kind of information.

  13. plz help how to select device ?

  14. The best advice on this blog. Using PC for creating facebook status or wall on blackberry will be helpful to one and all.

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    August 4, 2015