Ancient Gadgets That Nearly Extinct, you need to know!

classic phone increasingly rapid technological progress, because man is now quite dependent on the technology. From time to time, technology continues to evolve, outdated technology, are being abandoned and the human search for the most advanced in life. Modern lifestyle is very dependent with gadgets, do you know the ancient gadgets that almost extinct or obsolete ever victorious in his time.



Here this something Ancient Gadgets That Nearly Extinct,

  • Phone home
    • This gadget used to be excellent and almost most home install telephone lines to the house, do you know! now almost a quarter of homes in the United States had cut off home phone and 50 percent of people aged 25-29 have a cell phone. Now, home phone or fixed phone mostly only used by a business, company or government agency or private. Humans are more likely to select mobile devices such as mobile phones and variants.
  • Pager

    • This text message device never existed in the era of the 90s, practical and simple mobile devices began to be abandoned by users. Replaced with a text message that much more practical, sms or email by the phone. But do you know! It turned out that this pager is still there and the people in the medical field are the most widely used. However, demand for goods receiving the short message is getting thinner. Stay a matter of time before the extinction.
  • DVD player


    • Technology Progress audio video begins with the emergence of VHS video tapes, in fact this device is still there but rarely wear them. Then switch with pieces Laser Disc, Audio Video disc producer of high quality in this era shifted the VHS video cassette. This disc laser device became extinct after the emergence of technology CD (Compact Disc), laser disc disc width and eating places evicted with a device that is much smaller and practical with quality that is not much different. Until finally emerged that the latest devices, DVD (Digital Versitile Disc). The device is similar but with much better quality than a CD with a larger capacity than CD 5X fold, because that DVD is selected with quality sound and picture clear and sharp from the CD. And now the era of high-definition quality Audio Video or HD DVD device is now becoming obsolete, because high-definition movie prices continue to fall. Moreover, pieces of HD movies, such as Blue-ray, can not be played on DVD players. Man getting pampered with Audio Video quality is much better and practical than the previous era
  • Movie projector
  • projector
    • In the United States, already 16 thousand digital movie screen, more than 5,000 can be used 3-dimensional movies. Digital projectors can display images cleaner and sharper than the film projector (or projectors also called analog). Moreover, many studios have been using a digital format to cut the cost of film production and postage large size roll of film to cinemas.
  • Computer mouse


    • Devices that must exist on a computer will someday be displaced by shear touch technology and more sophisticated. Only with a finger, people can zoom in or out. people can touch a button to publish posts on the blog, and other virulence-virulence on a device.
  • Mobile phone chargerphone charger
    • There is already a wireless charger, portable charger. Simply plug it into electric charger, put the device on it, the battery charged. practical and easy.
  • Credit cardscredit card
    • Cash in one card, magic card that indicates the status of a modern lifestyle and mobile. Practical card change habits of people put the money in cash in the wallet now being marginalized. According to First Data, a payments company, all the contents of the wallet can be inserted into the phone that has an RFID (radio-frequency identification). So, people pay enough just to hold the mobile phone into a payment machine.
  • Plasma TV and conventional TV screenclassic tv
    • The first time humans appeared to be satisfied with black and white screen in a glass tube. RGB technology marks the beginning of the evolution of color screens, these devices will slowly but surely become extinct with the emergence of LCD technology, this technology promises a minimalist device, practical and efficient power consumption shifts the presence of elevated plasma tube and a large and heavy. Not to mention the added LCD screen with energy-efficient LED technology makes screen plasma TV and a conventional tube should get ready to retire.
  • Electronic book readerebook reader
    • Reading, who would not like to read? we all must have often read, this practice makes people much more clever with a lot of reading. First read the media is very limited, primitive man first to carve by hand on a stone wall, and on animal skins, leaves or wood. Continue to evolve using paper as a medium of reading, newspapers, magazines or books is now shifted to digital technology war, yup! digital era. The emergence of the iPad, an electronic book reader device at the same time surf, play games, listen to music, watch videos, and other functions, make a simple book readers like Amazon's will be extinct.
  • iPodipod ipad
    • Wow! The device's most popular mini from Apple is the cannibals by his sister, iPad, which is far more sophisticated than the iPod.

What an amazing technological leap. Now people can not get out with technology and gadgets. Humans are never satisfied with existing technology, and continues to evolve, find and keep looking for the name of technology in human life for a better life and easy.


  1. Thanks to this blog, I just reminisce my childhood days. It's true that back in the 90s, technology was not really that advanced and almost everything was simple. I even remember that pagers were also used everywhere, as it felt like there's no ending to the beep sounds. It's also true that pagers are used by medics, but most big restaurants are also using them, for the benefit of both the customers and employees.

  2. Yup! it was feel happy if we can reminisce and remember the past, perhaps still remembered in the memories of that time the device is currently in the old-fashioned but it is so sophisticated and very meaningful. But unfortunately the technology continues to evolve, old-fashioned device,,, hmmmm,,,