Download UCWeb 7.5 New Version Release Update

 UCWeb 7.5 Its New Version of UC Browser has been release update on January,2011.UCWeb Browser Update

UCWeb or UC Browser began to reveal its strength Browser lately, this looks more and more users of the browser is about 50 million active users and also release the latest updates available for many mobile platforms. China browser is now supporting more languages, not only Chinese but also available in English and Bahasa Indonesian. Any superior features to UC Browser 7.5 is, check it out! Download and full review of UCWeb 7.5 in the .

Whats New On UCWeb 7.5 Latest Version / UC Browser!

Functional development and optimization:

  1. The opening of the new visual design of UC (including start-up exit interface changes; the theme color optimization; optimization progress bar, the page display controls, etc.)
  2. Add Bluetooth to send the URL, web images and file functions
  3. The new picture saving mode, image caching optimization (to reduce memory consumption)
  4. The new location of the current page to refresh the page memory function
  5. The optimization of the download function (including Increased all started, all suspended, optimization of the file name prompt, rename the selected optimization)
  6. Optimal recognition WEB page number feature to Provide call services
  7. The optimal treatment WAP2.0 page views (including networking, pre-reading, tables for layout, etc.)
  8. Page layout optimization effects zoom mode
  9. Optimize the input box so soft fit
  10. The optimization of smooth scrolling effect
  11. Optimized to increase of right-click menu 'font size' state marker
  12. Optimization V3 & V5 version of the scroll bar display
  13. Left soft key to optimizing the page drop-down box operation
  14. Resumed the search default shortcut keys "# +0"

Main bugfix:

  1. The horizontal screen mode, drop the mouse, it will from automatically operate beyond the control.
  2. cmwap into, Log-mail inbox, return-home-mails prompted to log out
  3. The zoom mode, the mouse pointer is not accurate
  4. Part of the cookie handling is not correct wap page

Latest Features of New UCWEB 7.5.1

  1. WEB Browsing, WAP mobile browser, or WAP site Either WEB site, you are free to swim swim!
  2. Navigation recommended hundreds WAP, WEB popular site, without entering a URL to directly access, surf the web faster.
  3. Search a collection of Baidu, Google, easy to search, Hence the saying the four major search engines, you cans search music, search image.
  4. Video playback of streaming media using the excellent file compression technology, the picture clearer, more fluid play!
  5. Download support for large file downloads, multi-task downloads, HTTP, low-flow high-speed downloads, so you save time and money. Download section (inside word exchange)
  6. Personal Data Management e-mail, RSS, network disk, synchronized bookmarks into "my site" to facilitate the management of all your personal individual data.
  7. Features Free Copy or copy and paste text.
  8. Setting a proxy server.
  9. Opening the page more quickly in the presence of the WWW features pre-loaded.
  10. Features the keep alive - so that the connection is not interrupted while reading.
  11. Auto-refresh interval faster namely can be set 10 seconds.


Download UCWeb 7.5 for All Mobile Platform here! Select your option current phone model.

UCWeb 7.5 JAVA

Following version suit for Java phones:

For most of phones do not need signing certificates Update: 2011-01-10

For some Nokia samsung and SonyEricssion phones Update: 2011-01-10

Suit for low memory phones which don't need signed.[Such as Nokia 6070] Update: 2010-11-03

Suit for low memory phones which need signed.[Such as Nokia 1680c] Update: 2010-11-03


UCWeb 7.5 Symbian

Following version suit for Nokia,Samsung,SonyEricssion phones which running on Symbian OS:

For non-touch phones S60V3(Symbian OS 9.1/9.2/9.3) Update: 2010-11-03

For touch screen phones S60V5(Symbian OS 9.4) Update: 2010-11-03

For Nokia or Samsung S60V2(Symbian OS 7.0/8.0/8.1) phones[Such as N70] Update: 2010-11-03

For Nokia S60V1(Symbian OS 6.1) phones[Such as N-Gage] Update: 2010-11-03


UCWeb 7.5 Windows Mobile Following version suit for phones which running on Windows Mobile OS:

For touch screen phones Update: 2010-11-03

For non-touch phones Update: 2010-11-03


UCWeb 7.5 iPhone UC browser now available on Apple App store.
To get UC browser via the App store, launch the App store and search “UC browser”

UCWEB 7.5 iPhone QR Code

Alternatively, photograph this QR code with the Barcode Scanner and it'll point you to the UC browser free download in the App store.




UCWeb 7.5 Android Following version suit for Android OS phones:

Suit for some HTC or Motolora phones[Such as Magic(G2),Hero(G3),MileStone] Update: 2010-11-03


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