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Resco Keyboard Pro for Pocket PC (v6.00) You are users, surely a little trouble with the virtual keyboard built-in Windows, of course, for typing text rather slower and less comfortable. Compare with phone , the iPhone keyboard is made in such a way that can type text quickly and too cozy with just the touch of fingers. Do you want your ? Easy just follow the following trick.

Resco Keyboard Pro for Pocket PC _main You would often annoyed with artificial Windows virtual keyboard is very small in size and less convenient, especially for older versions of Windows mobile phone a little trouble to the user and must use the stick. And it had to use this device must be accompanied by a stylus for the touch screen is not fully with the fingers.

That past, of course it must be fashioned way for now. Because now the device should be made as comfortable and as fast as possible for its users, the touch screen is the most popular way for now. Because in this way we do not have to bother anymore with the stick the stylus to operate it.

To adopt it, although now-now some vendors provide their own virtual keyboard. Of course the keyboard with large buttons are more comfortable with the touch of a finger to be ideal. Even for some types of mobile phone included qwerty keyboard in physical form. But for most users, more interested in the iPhone's keyboard model.

Cool Keyboard iPhone Should Belong?

Hmm! Why should I buy an iPhone is very expensive just to feel cool and comfortable keyboard that. without having to switch to the iPhone. Enough with the software made by Resco, Resco Keyboard Pro is the solution.

Resco Keyboard Pro offers many advantages for your Windows mobile phone, even this is more than just a standard keyboard that complicated. Its use was fairly easy, when the switch on the Resco Keyboard Pro will be displays the large Keyboard that can make your fingers comfortable while in use. If one point is touched, it will display the letters are pressed on top, this to prevent you when there is a typo and when the button is pressed, Resco Keyboard Pro will be hear sounded like a typewriter or a vibration, its sign that key is touched and get respond.

Resco Keyboard Pro for Pocket PC (v6.00)_NewFeature

When you press and hold one of the buttons a little longer, then you will see several symbols and alternate characters that you can choose. There are more than 20 languages available such as English, German, Dutch, Danish, Portuguese, Polish and many more and for each language is shown with a keyboard and can use four different languages at once.

Resco Keyboard Pro for Pocket PC (v6.00)_NationalLayouts

Not only that, we can also do a slide on the keyboard from the left or the right to change the look and function.

Resco Keyboard Pro for Pocket PC (v6.00)_NewFeature  

There are five different functions, so slide to the left you will find the numerical keyboard with special characters and then slides back, appears a row of function keys. Here is available a few lines of words most frequently used. If the button is pressed a text that contains it will be filled by the line of text automatically with just one touch. And can also add your own by pressing and holding the button-filled lines of text to edit it.

Resco Keyboard Pro for Pocket PC (v6.00)_Calculator

Make a slide to the left once again, will appear calculator you can use for standard calculations directly on the display screen keyboard. And finally, can be used for navigation. There are arrow keys up, down, right and left to move the cursor with the touch of a finger. There is also a plus buttons such as Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete and Select All that can facilitate text editing with just the touch of a finger.

 Resco Keyboard Pro for Pocket PC (v6.00)_Phrases

Here ;

  • Choose the type of installer format you want, there are available format EXE and CAB.
  • Select and Download one of them, EXE or CAB.
  • If you choose EXE files, for the installation as follows;
    • Make sure that Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center (Windows 7 or Vista) or Microsoft ActiveSync (Windows XP) already installed on your computer.
    • Connect your phone with data cable / USB or bluetooth and activate ActiveSync is active.
    • Run the EXE files that have been downloaded earlier to install to your phone.
  • For CAB files, installation files to the phone as follows;
    • Copy the CAB file to your phone
    • Open File Manager and then run the CAB files were on the phone
    • Then the installation confirmation message appears, type Yes to continue.
    • After the installation is complete restart the phone

Done! Easy to do. Now you have a keyboard like the iPhone's in your Windows mobile phone without the need to switch and pay more for an iPhone.

Yup! Hopefully helpful,,,

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