New ARTAV Internet Security 2.5 Latest Update

Free Download ARTAV Internet Security 2.5 Release Update February 3, 2011

ARTAV logos Antivirus ARTAV has just released the newest update version to be ARTAV Internet Security 2.5, after I have not had time to post the updated version ARTAV Internet Security 2.4 but was already out the newest update version. Yup! never mind but still not too late, I had to post to the most recent version only. Check it out!

ARTAV This is a free antivirus software created by the children of Indonesia, the antivirus is still relatively new but nearly matching antivirus capabilities that had already been circulated. But did you know? That ARTAV antivirus created by little children who are study in junior high school in one of the first high school in Bandung Indonesia, though it is still in his junior spelled but its ability to create antivirus is remarkable and deserves thumbs up for creativity in creating a very useful computer software for the crowds.

The genius that is the two brothers, Arrival Dwi Santosa and Taufik Aditya Utama the main programmer from these  ARTAV Internet security. Persistence in making this antiviral inspired by the experience of the computer that is often attacked by vicious virus, he was determined to create its own antivirus program that is able to destroy harmful viruses. And that is remarkable again, Arrival to make this antivirus program alone or learn self-taught and only accompanied by her brother Taufik. Learning only with the books also determination and persistence. Until finally created ARTAV which is an abbreviation of his name and his brother, Arrival Tauifik AntiVirus.

Okay, before I have not had time to post ARTAV Internet Security 2.4 but it was preceded out the For the previous version 2.4 ARTAV only make improvements / bug and adding approximately 313 variants of the virus (Email.Worm | Trojan.Keylogger | Conficker | Rootkit) and also 5 local Viruses Indonesia.

And to release this latest updated, ARTAV make some additions that quite a lot, such as Main Display Changes (Interface), Determination of the Color Default Color Black, Uninstall Repair Program, and for Changes in the Code Double Checksum (CRC32 and MD5)

ARTAV Internet Security 2.5

What's New On ARTAV Internet Security 2.5 !

Improved Features:

  • Improved Detect Generic Trojan Virus NOD32
  • Improved No Clean Uninstall
  • Improved ART-AnKey, algorithmic code to fool a Keylogger


  •  Addition of 53 Variant Viruses
  • Additional Inspection Report Form
  • Change Main Display
  • Setting the Default Color Black As ARTAV

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