Download Winamp v1.0 For Android, Best Music Player

Winamp Winamp, who is not familiar with the best music player software on your PC and most popular all over world. Yup! of course you are already familiar with this software, and I'm sure almost every PC there is Winamp and always faithful to accompany you when working with your PC.

Well, for you who user of Winamp from Nullsoft there is a good news to day. Winamp Now you can install on your Android device, because recently Nullsoft has released Winamp 1.0 was specifically created for . Yup! Winamp now accompany you wherever you go.

What are the interesting features of Winamp 1.0 version of this Android now?

, the best music player application is introduced so many new cool features to Android users. Among them is the ability to download and stream songs, and one of the newest features is SHOUTcast Station Area. Here this Winamp Review:

Winamp Player

Download Music Free With Winamp

This is one interesting feature user-supplied Winamp, which is integrated with Winamp for Android free download feature music 'mp3 of the Day' from Winamp. The way was fairly easy, you simply by pressing the button of Free Music from the Main Menu screen Winamp and you will be taken to row the best song and it's all free for you to download. Wow! certainly a very interesting feature is not,

Player User Interface or the beautiful views and User Friendly

Winamp for Android is designed in such a way by the developers of Android Winamp is to facilitate users in accessing applications from anywhere.

Gestures allow you to swipe left and right on the Now Playing screen to move back and forth through an album or playlist. Hopefully Further gesture controls (and customization!) Will from Appear in later versions of Winamp for Android - it sure would be nice to have a way of pausing a song without having to push the little button at the bottom (is there a 'mash fist on screen 'gesture?), or to skip multiple songs.

SHOUTcast streaming radio
One of the features of Winamp's cool is the ability to stream from SHOUTcast radio stations. Now this ability is reduced to Android, with this feature you can search for music by genre, or see the song selection Nullsoft. You can save your favorite stations into anything, so it is very quick and easy to stream them in the future.

Wi-Fi sync desktop
wi-fi-sync-smaller Yup! mobile Winamp you can you sync with your PC Desktop.

To set up Wi-Fi desktop synchronization, first follow the tutorial that appears when you open Winamp for Android

press the menu / button context> Settings> Help Winamp. You will need an up-to-date version of Winamp ups on your PC, too.

International Language Support
Finally, it is important to note that Winamp for Android has been translated into a large number of languages. French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese-Brazilian, Romanian, Russian, Spanish and Turkish are all supported.

Download Winamp 1.0 from the Android Market

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