USB Flash Installing Windows XP For NetBook Or Notebook

USB Flash Installer Its Smart and Simple Solution For Your NetBook Or NoteBook.

Install WndowsXP USB Flash Installer Why do so many people love this Netbook or Notebook? because Netbook or Notebook size mini / small, compact and also lightweight to carry anywhere. Well, for those of you that you are highly mobility this gadget is suitable for you.

But there is one obstacle in the use Netbook / Notebook this, because most are not equipped with an optical device (like the readers CD / DVD). Yup! This time I tried Installation Sharing the Windows operating system on your Netbook or Notebook which is not equipped with CD / DVD internal. Keep what's the solution how to install it to outsmart Netbook / Notebook, ultimately the easiest way is to install with a USB port, but how?


For those of us who lay surely confused to install WindowsXP on devices that do not have the reader device CD / DVD Optical Drive or a more simple and indeed in my opinion easy bother. Indeed we can use other ways of using an external USB-based Optical drives, but this is rather inconvenient way and if we have, if of course we should not have to pay more just for a CD / DVD External.

Here are the steps in :

Making USB FlashDisk Installer

Preparation Steps:

  1. Extracts Bootsect.exe, PeToUSB USB_Prep8 same.
    • Its recommended that you put the extracted files in C: \ USB, is to facilitate the process of making the USB installer.
  2. Open the folder that has been in the extract, and Copy-Paste to a folder PeToUSB.exe USB_Prep8.
  3. Doble click usb_prep8.cmd that is in the folder USB_Prep8 PeToUSB
  4. Click on any button PeToUSB Main
  5. Click Start. IMPORTANT: When formatting is complete, do not close the windows first! Leave it alone and do not be tampered with.
  6. Open a command prompt (start-> all programs-> accesories-> command prompt or Start-> Run ... -> type cmd in the box)
  7. Navigate to the directory where the command prompt in the extract was bootsect.exe
    • use the command: "Cd direktori_place_bootsect.exe"
    • For example: "C: \USB \ bootsect \" .
  8. Type "bootsect.exe / nt52 I:". I is a USB drive (altered to state drive on the computer).
  9. If successful will be out notification "Bootcode was successfully updated on all targeted volumes." Close this command prompt (not that usbprep8).
  10. Do not press enter here first
    • Press 1 then enter. Window will appear, browse to the drive where XP cd.
    • Press 2 then enter. Enter unused letters for the name of the drive on the computer (usually c, d, e, f is already in use)
    • Press 3 then Enter. Enter the drive letter. Press 4 then Enter.
  11. The process of copying data to USB drives will begin.
    • There will be questions about formatting the drive T. Type y and then enter.
  12. After formatting is complete, press enter to continue.
  13. Press enter again to continue.
  14. Pop-up box will appear, click yes.
  15. Click yes again in the pop up window that appears.
  16. Click yes again to unmount the virtual drive.
    • Okay! The process is complete. USB can be used to install Windows XP. Do not forget to setup the boot manager in the BIOS to boot from USB. Keep the time of installation, select the number 2 used for text mode setup. The process will go as usual XP installation.
    • When finished select option number 1 to continue installation of Windows XP.
    • Do not unplug the usb until installation is complete. After Windows fully installed, remove the USB (do not forget to safely removed first)

Yup! Done now you have the latest Windows XP and updated that you like and whenever you can install at will. Good luck and remember to always pray before doing the experiment I'll succeed without fail,,,