Google YouTube With HTTPS safely Way Accessing Online Video

Google YouTube Watching Securely With HTTPS

Google YouTubeSecurity in the Internet world is something very important and vital, with a formidable security system guarantees the user would not feel worried if something undesirable happens to user privacy. And Google's feel that security it’s so important, then back Google introduced one of the biggest favorite video site, YouTube. Who have used the protocol is more secure by using HTTPS access and this feature has been introduced and used by Google on other Google products, photo management site Google's Picasa Web Albums, that have been using HTTPS access system.

feature use HTTPS even if it is off by default. According to developers the API HTTPS Jeff Posnick YouTube, Google plans to expand gradually in the transition and the use of HTTPS on YouTube.

YouTube HTTPs

From now on Google provides HTTPS feature only support for the use of embedded videos, simply by modifying the URL in the video embed code and content will be accessible via HTTPS model.

And future use HTTP mode will gradually be transferred using HTTPS mode, the development team is satisfied with developments in technology and HTTPS can be enabled by default, but other users can still use HTTP.

Now if you want, you can try and watching Embedded Videos with .

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