Blogger News! Google Plans To Remove Older Accounts

Blogger Google plans to remove the old Blogger accounts, As information is only light but I think this is very important if you have a Blogger account that was made before 2007 so be careful if you do not upgrade to a new Google Account, as recently under new rules that Google reportedly will immediately delete the account and old blog unused or inactive blog.

After nearly eight years after Google acquired Blogger, the Google finally end all support for Blogger accounts of the old heritage with new support against Google account as a whole. Because maybe Google wants all Google products are required to sync with a Google account and not with others.

So if you have an old Blogger account and never again to log in since 2007, so get ready for it you will lose access to accounts and related content permanently unless you update to the Google Accounts system before June 25, 2011. And Google was not immediately clear arbitrarily blog content just prior to the notification.

Google is also facing the same problem on YouTube and has issued similar warnings recently, and asked its users who have not done so in order to do login to Youtube. Okay, blogger mania. just a light information from Google to users of Google's services to keep up-to-date and not to be missed or never even access at all, if so then be prepared to lose the Google service accounts.

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  1. Today I also heard something more than that "Google plans to retire blogspot" is it true?