Running Microsoft Windows 8 On USB Flash Drive With Portable Workspace Creator

windows-8-usb Apparently Microsoft does not want to miss with the features of the open source operating system Linux, which Linux already has a feature for the . And Microsoft's plan would apply it to their latest operating system, Windows 8. The news leaked about New Microsoft operating system has been widely heard in the early days of the week. Microsoft will implement it with the help of software ". "

Through the software program Microsoft Windows 8 will users be able to install and run Windows OS 8 only by using a USB storage device media. Use of USB Flash Drive for the operating system can be done with the help of Portable Workspace application by using the media recommended USB devices with a capacity of at least 16Gb.


It also displays the requirement to have access to the installation files of Windows 8 Enterprise Edition, so this could be a feature built for use of IT business and not just for private users. Maybe Microsoft did restriction somehow to prevent it from piracy.

Microsoft has not officially informed about this new feature at all, but hopefully will soon ensure Portable Workspace features, as well as other features such as History Vault, immediately.

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