Setup Easy Way Downloading Online Driver Finder

Devid-Driver-SEARCH PC Drivers, for PC or Notebook users would be familiar with the name of PC Driver, because Driver is the most important and inseparable in a PC or Notebook. A hardware without the drivers then the computer can not work optimally or even not work at all.
Well, because its so really vital is usually every purchase of PCs will be included with the Bundled CD Driver. So what if the very emergency when the PC has to be reinstalled and So if that CD Driver does not exist or is lost some where, of course we are very upset and annoyed, confused, keep what's the solution?

Okay, do not worry. Everyone must have experienced it, while not desirable, and the PC must be reinstalled and got that PC CD Driver is missing or lost some where. The easy solution of course by searching on the internet and download them, but sometimes we do not know where to find the appropriate drivers with the device on our PC. Well, the solution is very easy and as long as there is internet connection and that problems can be overcome.

Here's how to download the CD Drivers very easily and are definitely compatible with the PC Search by online.

  1. The most important and urgently needed its an internet connection
  2. Okay, now make sure your internet connection is active, then
  3. Now to see the list of drivers that have not installed, right-click on My Computer then select Manage. If the desktop does not exist My Computer, open Windows Explorer and right click on My Computer select ManageManage-Computer-my-computer
  4. Click on System Tools then select Device Manager 
  5. device-manager
  6. Once Device Manager is open, see the device drivers that have not installed and select one of the drivers who have not been installed, which is marked with a yellow question mark. Then right click on one of them suppose Unknown Device select Properties. Copy Text Device Manager Properties
  7. After that, came the properties window of the device. Select the Details tab then Click ID device. Then copy the ID of the device by pressing Ctrl + C.Devid-Driver-SEARCH
  8. Then open the browser, type and go to, then paste the ID device that has been copied in a box "Enter Device Id". Then click "OK". DevId-driver-downloads
  9. Next will come some driver options that we want. Then select one. Then click the Download / Download.
  10. Then download the driver by clicking the drivers that are on the line "FILE"
  11. Well, after that proceed with other devices in sequence.
  12. If all drivers have been downloaded all, then you may proceed with installing the drivers one by one proficiency level.
  13. Completed, please restart your PC and your problem has been resolved. Its Easy right?


  1. love you dude. I have a hp laptop without sound driver. i tried for many ones........ finally i found my sound drivers through your approach........ But still in Device Manager it is showing "high def audio drivers" in unknown devices. any way the sound is coming. thnks....

  2. thank youuu!!!