Adding the +1 Google button to your site, Get Plus Your Google Search

google-plus-one Google now offers a button that is placed on every page of the website through a short code snippets that are provided by Google, Google +1 buttons

Google Button +1, supports the use of 44 languages ??in the world are expected with the new feature from Google is able to provide a change in search results on Google, which means you can vote on every page that contained the Google button +1

Thus Google can quickly find out how likely a page that has the Google button +1 is viewed:) by people throughout the world.

Google Webmasters provide self-serve code generator to make the change button size, language and some other settings option in Google 1 +

Here's how to install Google's key +1;

  1. Go to to get simple scri[t, or for more
  2. that you want before you copy the script code into your blog,
  3. Following Copy and paste the code into your site:
    • <! - Place this tag in your head or just before your body close tag ->
      <script type="text/javascript" src=""> </ script>
    • <! - Place this tag WHERE You Want the +1 button to render ->
      <g:plusone> </ g: plusone>

  4. Now you save the settings and buttons you +1 Google is ready to use.

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