All About Android RAM I

Large RAM Performance Smoothly
Temporary memory or RAM in a smart phone does not get replaced, enlarged or added. But the smart phone user with limited RAM can still redirect or keep it in order to stay awake so that smart phone performance is not easily distracted with limited memory.

There are some solutions that could be done by the user, such as using a smart phone application provided by Play Store for users of Android smart phones, or redirecting to an internal memory like MicroSD. Or it could be regularly doing removals cache smart phone. If you are deploying the application, you can download and install an application provided by Google through the application Store Play Swapper. Once downloaded and installed then stayed to run the course.

When run it open and select options by pressing the Active Swap on Boot. Then select swap position, then choose SDcard Fat partition. After that, you must enter a space or desired capacity, for example, 1 GB of RAM. Don't forget to choose Save settings after you fill memory space. Whereas if you use the transitioning from internal memory to external memory or microSD, you can move a wide range of data or applications from the internal memory to the microSD so that will reduce the burden on the Android operating system.

To move the data or application can cut way to SD Card using another device like a notebook or computer via USB data cable. Or it could also install the application to move the AP2S applications from smart phones directly. But keep in mind, not all applications that were installed in the Android smart phone can be transferred to the external memory. The use of smart phones such as accessing the internet through the browser, use the application will definitely be leaving the former data access files, temporary files and history. This remains or what is known as cache will make smart phone performance is slow due to the RAM and storage memory is full.

Clears the cache of smart phone performance will return one way delete history and cache in the smart phones, you can use the Android application Cache Cleaner Easy. Or it could also remove data history and cache in Chrome browser if you are using the application Chrome. Another way is you have to routinely delete or uninstall applications that are not essential or rarely used. With only a pair of applications that will make the memory required is somewhat wider or bigger.

Indeed if it can be locally installed applications all smart phone but it's not possible, you must select an application that is important and needed. Install applications that are required, after rarely used should be removed only to Smart phone performance increases.

Concern the management of the data on the smart phone is very important, don't be wasteful of space usage. If there are multiple files or duplicates should be deleted. To make it easier to do the sorting, you can use the application search duplicate files in the Play Store. Or perhaps, you could use Cloud Storage. Cloud could be the solution to store important data that is rarely used but it should still be there. Cloud storage keeps you safe and comfortable, because at any time will wear you can access it as long as connected to the internet. Currently pretty much cloud facilities that can be used either free ones like Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive cloud or other paid.These solutions can be used or applied in low end Smartphones or Mid-End. Thus smart phone it stays Quick performance fast and the capacity of the internal memory RAM or awake.

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