How to enable Administrator account in Windows 8.1

To enable or disable (enable or disable) administrator account on Windows 8.1Standard version (not Pro), you can't do it through the User and Group that is usually located in the Computer Management in Windows-previous Windows (Windows 7,Windows 8). But you can do it through Command Prompt.
How to enable or disable administrator account Windows 8.1 via Command Prompt:

• Enter the Metro UI, if the screen of your Windows desktop in position press the Windows logo at the left of the keyboard, then will move to the Metro UI. (if pressed again will then switch to desktop, etc)

• Type cmd, it will automatically enter the menu search (search), and the search results will display a Command Prompt, and then right-click on Command Prompt then select/left click on Run as administrator.

• After the Command Prompt window appears and then type the following code after\Windows\system32\
NET user administrator/active: yes and then press the Enter key

If successful then there will be an inscription: The command completed successfully

• To check it out, please log off, and then you'll see the administrator account show up as an option to login.

• To disable the administrator account back, do as the above steps are just different command prompt command becomes:
NET user administrator/active: No.

This way not only to an administrator account, but can be used also for other accounts, just replace administrator with accounts of writing are you referring to listed on your Windows computer.

Should an Administrator account on your Windows computer is allowed to disable according to defaults, and only used if you really need to. For everyday use. other users use or create a new user if it does not exist.

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