How to use and Enable the USB security key Features on the 2-step verification In Google account

You have an account on Google? Do you always give priority to security? It certainly is no stranger to the security systems applied by 2-step verification (2-Step Verification). Well, recently they have added a new feature to the 2-step verification using a security key (Security Key) in the form of USB U2F FIDO (FIDO Universal 2nd Factor). As to whether this feature?. As it is known, Google has implemented a 2-step verification with a variety of methods to choose from.

Enter a verification code sent to your mobile phone registered, through application-specific password and register your computer or laptop is used so that Google does not ask for a verification code again when the 2-step process to login to Google account we have.

The purpose of this 2-step verification itself is very useful for protecting our Google account from data theft, hackers, etc. If this method is activated, hackers will have difficulty accessing our Google account such as gmail, etc, because it requires the verification process to log a code sent to your mobile phone that we have registered.

"Hackers usually work from afar, so verify this step 2 will make it difficult for a hacker who already have passwords to access our account, because they don't have a phone," as revealed by Nishit Shah, as Google Security product Manager.

Apparently, Google is not playing with the issue of security in each of its products. In addition through verification code sent to your mobile phone, now 2-step verification has got an additional new feature features Security Key (security key). You can enable this feature in the settings section "account" on the tab "security". To enable this feature, there are two requirements. The first computer or laptop that have installed Google Chrome version 38 or later version (for the time being, without this feature of Google Chrome can not be aktfikan). The second requirement is physical security key.

Security key (Security Key) is a physical device be U2F USB (Universal 2nd FIDO Factor). You must buy a USB support with the logo as U2F FIDO pictures below.

USB Universal FIDO 2nd Factor can be purchased through the site Amazone here.

If you already have these USB devices (security key), just do some settings on your computer through the browser Chrome. How do you do?. Open the page you add the security key through setting "account" on the tab "security". Or you can go to the link here. Enter security key (USB Universal 2nd FIDO Factor) to a USB port on your computer/laptop. Then click Register. More details you can follow the link here.

Well, after this security key is registered and verified, each of us will be logged into a Google account and use the Gmail service, etc. Computer or laptop will be asked to enter the security key first. With this feature, a small possibility of hackers can steal data and Google accounts we have, even if the hacker has been getting password to log into your Google account we have.For that, use method 2 verification step with this security key if your Google account we have very very very meaningful and important to you.

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