The First Five Things To Do New Smartphone Owners

Congratulations for you who just bought a Smartphone. However, do you know that there are some important things you should do after you make the purchase of theSmartphone. Don't rush wear Smartphone before noticing the six following.

Here are the things you should do first.

01. Explore The Settings

Some things like ringtones, vibrate and others disturbed. Moreover, the Smartphoneis used in certain circumstances that require quietness but suddenly the Smartphonering tightened. Then first thing is your Smartphone settings, ranging from profilessuch as volume, ring tone to vibrate. You can also make the sound settings on the keypad or haptic feedback. You also need to know the setting of overall Smartphoneprofile, making it easier for you to understand the functionality of a Smartphone.Help through the setup wizard may provide fairly complete education for you about smartphones.

02. Checking Smartphones Update

Some Smartphones are already present with a particular OS version. However, when there are on hand you can already update is available from the Smartphone. Well,this should be noted. If you could update your Smartphone to a newer version of the device was to be optimized, effective and efficient. It would be more worthwhile to update first before your Smartphone is abysmal, filled with a variety of things and had to be restarted again because of the update. Moreover do not forget to check whether an application is preloaded. Or applications that must be updated.

3. Secure Your Smartphone

Fill out a new Smartphone with games, applications and music certainly very enjoyable and sometimes takes a lot of time. But don't forget, you have to anticipatein advance about security smartphones. This is very important and should come first,not to quarrel filling games, music and other things you forgot to secure the firstSmartphone. Such as setting a password, lock screen and others.

04. Replace The Display According To Taste

After you secure your Smartphone, is now the turn of doing full display of your Smartphone. Please you doing creative things by downloading a new wallpaper,explores the launcher application, or do a variety of things.

05. Plan To Sell A Smartphones After Bored

This becomes very important. If you are planning on replacing the smartphones after the ancient taste is worth preparing to sell the Smartphone in two or three years into the future. For that, you have to really keep your Smartphone before conditions again.Why? Yes, that sell price is high and could increase capital to buy the new Smartphone. How, by buying the operation wrapping, protecting the screen withscratch and others. How? Ready to wear your new Smartphone?

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