How to move the hard disk to another computer

For friends and fellow computer technician course often find mainboard are broken, and sometimes had to replace it with a new mainboard isn't it?. Normally after we replace with new mainboard, his sometimes windows xp even does not work (appear blue screen), this is due to the difference in chipset mainboard old with the new. Following this there is a little trick to move the hard disk to another computer that is different from chipsets, and could also be used for many different computer types, can also be used for cloning to any pc.

Before moving harddisknya to other computers make sure in device manager:

IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers:

Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller.
System Devices:

  • The PCI bus.
  • PCI standard host CPU bridge.
  • PCI standard ISA bridge.

1. right click My computer then select Properties, or open the control panel and select System, and then click the Hardware tab and then Device Manager

2. then make sure the "IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers" set the driver to "Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller". and on the "System Devices" be sure to use the "PCI bus", "PCI standard host CPU bridge" and "PCI standard ISA bridge"

3. Shutdown/log off his computer and harddisknya ready to be moved/cloned to another computer.
So the end result of the system properties Device Manager will like the picture below:


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