Optimize Updated Features Of Android On Nexus Lollipop

Android L was first introduced at the Google i/o event in June Google yesterday and gave a preview of the new operating system to developers so they can begin to develop applications that are compatible with the operating system.

And Now Google announced that the Android version 5.0 official has the name of the Lollipop and have started to be used in the Nexus. While for many other devices soon followed. The selection name Lollipop is in fact already guessed long before, although rumours briefly naming Android 5.0 will be a Lemon Meringue Pie. Google already famous name the series Android that they develop based on the name of the cake and sweet snack.

Lots of new features in Android 5.0 Lollipop. Quoting from the official blog of Android, "the Lollipop is an update of Android and ambitious with more than 5,000 new APIs for developers."Then with a myriad of features is how to maximize the Nexus already get an update of the Lollipop. And this time, we will summarize the tips to maximize the device's operating system Android Nexus Lollipop:

  • Take better photos

The Android version of Kitkat is not presenting a significant camera performance to the Nexus. However after appearing, then such camera Lollipop Nexus and nexus 4 with shows starting with the latest features. In addition to the Photosphere and panoramic mode, the camera now presents the various settings of the Nexus for HDR + mode.

Google itself provide assurance that taking pictures using HDR + mode will make the pictures taken in daylight looks brighter. As for the pictures taken at night or indoor will look sharper. To use this feature, the user simply presses the button to the right of the shutter icon, then choose HDR + on the left menu.

Another feature that users get is using the up and down volume button to take a photo. Previously users only have a choice of shutter button. You also can take pictures while recording a video by doing a tap on the screen.

  • Open the key with the Bluetooth

Google adds one more method to unlock your smartphone. In addition to using Password, Unlock and Face Pattern, now the You can add Bluetooth devices into Smart > Lock Settings as a trusted device, so You will unlock smartphone is so connected with the device.

  • Battery Saving

The latest Android version 5.0 on a Lollipop, know-how is now also features a battery life saver is able to prolong device battery power for 90 minutes.

On the version of the notification included Lollipop specifically related to how long the approximate remaining battery life time, as well as how long it takes in recharges the battery until it is full.

  • Multiple Accounts

Features Multiple Accounts on your phone? Sure you're thinks for what this feature made? However different if this feature is intended for tablets the Nexus 7 and 9 may still make sense. But for now this is all so plausible, perhaps a device you use possible for the family as well.

Whatever the reason, this feature is now present in Android Lollipop. This you can create multiple user accounts for a single device, but there is also an account remains as guest and temporary account. This feature also has many advantages, no need Oprekers am afraid about configurations personalised way, data that is deleted or email that can be seen on other accounts.

  • Playing with Google Easter Egg

Has become a tradition to insert Google easter egg into the system operations. Starting from Gingerbread, every release of Android has its Easter Egg apiece. But this time Google gives special attention to bundling of a game as an easter egg.

Flappy Android which is a tribute from the popular game Flappy Bird you can be access by opening the Settings About Phone and do > tap four times on an Android version. Once the screen comes up, Lollipop press and hold on the image to activate some time Lollipop game Flappy Android.

  • Print via the cloud

There is an easy way to print your documents, pictures, and photos from any printer, as long as it is connected to a Wi-Fi network and Cloud Print service enabled. You will be need to activate it by going to Settings and click on Print > options Cloud Print. Once activated, the Oprekers can use this service to print through the clouds.

  • Maximum Lock screen Notifications

The notification feature has always been the most important on a mobile operating system. Android is known as one of the best. And in the Lollipop, the notification feature has been updated to be more nice and easy on the user's navigation.

  • Add another email in Gmail

The new version of Gmail for Android Lollipop is now able to add other non-GMail e-mail service, so the Oprekers users who have e-mail accounts from other services such as, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, AOL, IMAP/POP Mail and others, can use this new version of GMail application. Do I Just enter the settings and Add the account you could choose the account you want created

  • Root Nexus Android Devices

For example, the above tips still feels less, to oprekers which has a high knowledge of the root can do for maximum optimization with nexus device rooting. With Root freely you can do turn of the ROMs, saves battery life and gives full rights to the system device your nexus. So by doing Root, oprekers can add, subtract and modify files or data that is located on the original system default Android Lollipop.

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