Changing The Words "GOOGLE" Into Own Name

For just a joke and funny, okey just above the title, changing the words "GOOGLE" Into its own name, perhaps you wondered if writing google search can be changed according to our desires, the answer could be, very-very able, definitely cool if when we are browsing and friends we see writing a search engine usually inscribed with google is now turning into our name, good luck!

Here's how;

  • Please go to: Here

  • Then display the image like below.

  • Enter the name of the logo that you want to view. Then choose the type of font and then at the bottom, click on ' Create My Search Engine '. Then it will be like the image below.

  • Copy the URL address in the addressbar. Click Tools Options General > > looks like the image below.

  • Make Sure your URL address on the homepage, as shown below.

  • Click ' Ok '. It was already changing the Google logo with ' your name '.

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