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Setting Domain at for those of you a beginner who just dive in and learn in the world of web / blog, maybe some are still confused where to begin. Good here I'll try to share how to create a domain with the domain site for free use or not paid, with a view to learn more before stepping back into a professional. Before stepping into the more serious. I will first explain in simple, what's that domain site. Site Domain is a name or address that is usually used adalam internet world. It was like home mailing address in which we live without a clear address people would not know, but with a clear address list of people to know and recognize you. Similarly in the world of the Internet in a name or address of the site is very meaningful. Domain is a free domain, not subdomain or redirect. Free domain've been there, you can register for free. You can use the free hosting support domain own. Hosting of this kind have a lot, you do not need to spend money to learn. To enroll in any so easy, you simply have e-mail as username. And a mean one email account can be used to register a maximum of three domains. There are setting options for connecting your domain with hosting that is using the dns or redirect. I myself usually use dns, never use a redirect. Here is a way for setting up your domain.
The steps are as follows;

  • Prepare your email is still active, which will be used as an account / username you later. You can use a yahoo email account! or your Gmail.This is useful as your login account at later.
  • Visit CO.CC menu and select Getting A New Domain or just through the existing stuffing box on the homepage.
  • Fill out the domain name or the name of the site you want. Then click the check availability button to check availability of names you want.
  • If the domain is already in use, try again with the domain name to another is available. then if successful and a domain is available, click the button to continue registration.
  • Fill the registration form with your data, do not forget to email and then a keyword check on the writings of the "I accept the Terms of Service".
  • Only then click the Create an account now, wait until the next process emerged.
  • Now you've completed the registration process. Now what you have to do, so you just need to set up or setting your new domain.
To make setup a domain name, click the setup button after finishing last or can also register by clicking the Domain Settings menu on the left menu. After that, select the domain to be regulated. Then click the Setup button.
Setting Domain at
A. Name Server
First you should do to "name server" after signing up for web hosting, is looking for the name servers on web hosting, which are generally composed of two name servers. Common examples are name server: and
  1. Sign up domain has been registered to your web hosting.
  2. Search the web hosting name server you (usually located in the domain settings).
  3. If it is found, the contents of both boxes for the server name.
  4. Click the Set up
B. Zone Records
Zone records can be used to replace or move your public domain. Zone records are often used to modify the domain. Blogspot domain on blogger to
  1. In the Host with the contents of your domain.
  2. Select the appropriate type and content of value.
  3. Click the Set up.
For more details about Zone Records explanation can be found a guide on your web hosting.
C. URL Forwarding
URL forwarding is usually used to transfer the domain name to your original domain name (domain redirect).
  1. In the Redirect To box, fill it with the url destination.
  2. In the Page Title, content with the title of your website.
  3. In the Frame section, select the appropriate desires.
  4. After that, the content of your website description and keywords.
  5. Click the Set up.
That's the simple explanation on how to register and how to domain settings Hopefully this post can be useful and good luck!

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