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Who does not want to get free hosting, fast and easy to implement. I am sure, all players must be willing to use the internet. Most do not normally just to learn before plunging into the truth or hosting a paid professional. Many free hosting providers on the internet. Try to browse the results obtained from the Google by typing in keywords free hosting! It must first be held by sequence.
Is there who already know Yes! This is one of the service site that provides free hosting service to all persons to be tried first before using the pay. Or try a first pay later. And indeed this service is totally free, with facilities similar to the pro though there are limited. His name is also a free service. By joining with this service, we'd have the benefit of decent features, such as the following:

  • 300 MB disk space
  • 10 GB Monthly transfer
  • PHP with MySQL databases
  • 5 Add-on domains
  • 5 Sub domains
  • PHP Flags manager
  • FTP account
  • File manager
  • Webmail, POP3 email
  • MYSQL, Php MyAdmin
What about the server used 0fees for this service;

Server Information

Server Information VistaPanel version: 2.4.1 RC3
Operating system: Linux
Apache version: 2.2.15 (Unix)
PHP version: 5.2.13
MySQL version: 5.1.45

Fairly large storage capacity for beginners just learning to make blogs. With 10 Gigabyte of data transfer is more than enough to use for a month. With the MySQL database we are given the freedom to use MySQL-based PHP application like wordpress, joomla or the other.

And we can use the five domains and sub-domains within one account without needing a lot of hosting us. With the addition of a file manager to transfer files datasecara online, we also can use an external transfer files such as filezila or the like making it easier for us to send files to the hosting. We can also use email service with our domain name. With features that make quite a lot to learn I just think it's more than enough.
Well, for those of you who are still beginners what is wrong to try this service, it's free. please click here and list your account now. Good luck!

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