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SmadAV Rev 8.3 an anti-virus work of Indonesian children have been officially released the latest version of anti virus, finally after waiting for nearly 3 months of this latest release out as well. In a release dated October 7, 2010 There are several updates and the addition of new features as revision refinement of the previous version, you can now directly download for free .

In a release in October, SmadAV Rev. 8.3 includes some new update with many new features and improvements that are specific to local eradication of the virus. Features such as Smad-Behavior that can identify new local virus that does not exist in database SmadAV of his behavior when infecting the system. Also the addition of 40 new virus database, all variants of the virus cleaning shortcuts, as well as additions and improvements to false alarms, the addition of heuristic techniques for virus variants exe infected, and several other bug fixes and many other new features.
Smad-Ray can also make a scan automatically flash when installed within a maximum of 5 seconds. SmadAV 2010 is much more stable and highly recommended to be combined with international anti-virus because it can only handle SmadAV local virus. Immunization flash (using autorun.inf folder) has been revised and previously there will be a confirmation so you can decide whether a flash is to immune or not.
As quoted information from the official website, the virus samples that users uploaded to the site, local spread of the virus is starting to fall dramatically in Indonesia. Perhaps this is due to the many local antivirus that can eradicate local viruses. And also because the users of Windows XP that have been reduced because some had to upgrade its operating system to Windows Vista or Windows 7 a very safe from viruses, especially viral infections locally. The spread of the virus in Indonesia, more dominated by viruses and malware international SmadAV certainly can not be overcome. You are also required and highly recommended to use the international anti-virus protection for your computer from viruses and malware internationally, not just with SmadAV only. Please tighten up your computer from virus attacks do not rely on just one anti virus.
Okay, just if you are interested in enjoying the sophistication of the local Indonesian anti-virus engine best in full. please Download SmadAV Rev 8.3 Here.  
Some additional SmadAV of previous versions as follows:
SmadAV 2010 Rev. 8.3 : Addition of 40 new virus database, all variants of the virus cleaning shortcuts, and many other new features ..
SmadAV 2010 Rev. 8.2: Addition of 80 new virus database, improved false alarm, the addition of heuristic techniques for virus variants exe infector, and several other bug fixes
SmadAV2010. Rev 8.1: Addition of a new virus database 100, SmadAV latest Virus Scanner Engine (SmadEngine.dll), and is fully compatible for Windows Vista & Windows 7.

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The addition of a new virus database 100
Viruses (or more precisely Malware), which many in Indonesia today are mostly foreign-made viruses that are still similar to the local virus. Viruses is the primary targets of this latest version SmadAV. Local virus itself is starting to decline distribution and is very rarely found. This we conclude from the virus samples that are uploaded by Smadaver in
SmadAV Virus Scanner Engine (SmadEngine.dll)
Engine SmadAV old that has been used since 2006 is not used anymore since SmadAV 2010 Rev 8.1. This  Re-Virus Scanner Engine overhaul is what makes SmadAV release delayed a month or more. This new engine was completely rewritten from scratch using C + + programming languages, refining the previous engine that is still written with Visual Basic. Most of the virus detection technique on the new engine has been revamped and improved for the better. Memory usage on the new engine is more stable and efficient than older engines, as well as the scanning speed is also faster.
Compatible with Windows Vista 7
In Rev. 8 and rev-rev before SmadAV is still not 100% compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7. But the Rev. This 8.1 SmadAV both scanner and protector of his already support and 100% compatible for use in Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  • Here is a complete list of improvements from SmadAV 2010. Rev. 8.1:
  • Engine new scanner (SmadEngine.dll) to detect the virus more quickly and accurately.
  • External Database (Smadav.loov) to facilitate database updates for the next revision.
  • Plug-in explorer right click on the latest (SmadExtc.dll) the better.
  • Compatible with Windows Vista 7.
  • Detection of several International Viruses that many in Indonesia (Sality & Alman) was more rapid and accurate.
  • Addition of a database of more than 100 new viruses and their variants
  • Fixed false alarm on some files.
  • Completion of key blacklist illegal methods SmadAV Pro
  • Changes in the structure of teams for  SmadAV 2010
  • Addition uninstall menu in the Tray Icon for easy uninstall process
  • And many other improvements ...
Download smadAV Rev 8.3

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