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There was John Lennon's face at Google Home

John Lennon Google Logo
News from again, this time Google made a surprise appearance back on the front page of its search engine. Yes, Google is paying tribute to the former members of legendary band The Beatles, John Lennon, by replacing its logo with a video snippet popular song possible for fans of The Beatles may not be familiar. Yup, Imagine. What's Up! And why that's can be appear on Google.

Keep in mind that Lennon would be 70 years old on Saturday (9 / 10) and a variety of events held to celebrate the birthday. Remembering the legendary Lennon was shot outside his apartment in Manhattan, United States, in December 1980.
As quoted by AFP news agency, in the site this Internet giant replaces its logo with the video duration 32 seconds. When the video was clicked will be out pieces of the song Imagine in the background by a series of natural images and then ends with the word Google. Wow, that's cool,,,
And on the front page of the letter "o" in Google said Lennon's face replaced with that derived from his famous face. For you fans of The Beatles will be a nostalgia and an unforgettable memory.
The company is headquartered in Mountain View, California, U.S. this often change the color of its logo and appearance. Usually associated with important events or respect as to the artist or scientist.
And recently Google is commemorating the anniversary of Pacman to-30 by showing that classic videogame.
Okay, just the information from Google alone. Please check and see for yourself what's new in search engines, . Check it out!


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