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RichCopy Utility Spotlight

Some of us may be many who do not know or discover, there are some free application from Microsoft that is really useful. One of the few that are RichCopy. This simple tool very useful for copying files in number and large size, this application actually has been around since Windows 95 but you will not be able to use it if it does not become employees Microsoft. What and how RichCopy it?

First simple application called RoboCopy developed by Microsoft engineers named Derk Benisch, who was only used for internal circles only. It was not yet have a user interface, so you have to understand the command-line to use it. then in 2001 made Robocopy with the GUI (Graphical User Interface) is still modest by Ken Tamaru, these applications continue to be developed and finally this year the application was issued not only with the appearance of new but also with a new name, which is already more perfect RichCopy and can be used by many people.
There are many reasons why you need this RichCopy application, because this application allows you to perform tasks in the copy files in Windows-based computers. First, this application can copy files from multiple locations (or folder) into one specific location. So do not be too complicated and long process, you do not need to run many processes copy to combine various files (such as music, photos, videos and other) that may be scattered in many different locations. Easy is not it?
Unlike the copy process that usually exist in Windows is copying files sequentially from one another (long and complicated). RichCopy can copy many files in parallel (multithreaded), so the process can run faster. RichCopy is very useful when you copy many files or move files that are large. Often the process of copying the running stopped abruptly, usually caused by a computer that hangs or bottlenecks in the network. Not annoying / Surely you must check any file you have sent to the destination to send back the remaining files. And who is upset if we copy one of the files are very large, although most of the file sent by a certain size to a destination but if the transfer process stopped abruptly, then the file must be sent back entirely from scratch. Finally a two-time job. It sucks!
Copy File Multithread
So to resolve the issue once the application is very useful because it allows us to pause and resume the process of transfer of the running, so as if you're downloading files from the internet with a download manager. If all of a sudden there are problems which cause the transfer process stopped suddenly, it does not make you have to repeat the process all over again, but you can simply resume from the last remaining file size. Easy is not it?
Well for that immediately wrote the download here, guaranteed Free!

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