Get Email Facebook Features Now It Can be Used

fb mail Email Facebook Address, Yup! This is her long-awaited news after earlier . Now up a few days ago, has deployed a notification to its users for the activation of new features, Email Facebook. This feature allows users Facebook username name user accounts as addresses their facebook.

Email Now features on the feature can be used / active and able to function for users who have received an update notification from facebook. After you pass through a series of guidelines and the renewal of the notification Facebook has enabled this feature Email messages using your username, then your email is automatically activated by using your facebook address in accordance with the ID or username that you used to wear and can not be converted back for example

Well now you already have a new email address on facebook, how do you think? Its Cool.

And one interesting thing with email facebook, facebook halve foder for incoming messages in an email. Incoming messages from your friends then will go to the Inbox folder your messages and email messages from others or not your friends will go in another folder. Its really helps us in organizing every message that comes into our e-mail address and we can be sure there are no incoming SPAM in our email Inbox.

Well, now have you have a facebook email address with your username address? If not, Please check your notifications tab, if you get a notification regarding the activation of the features of facebook email.

Hmmm, but I think this feature is still under development and introduction to the user. Not yet fully featured and email settings is applied to other media. Like GMail, Yahoo, MSN or other email service email services. But never mind his name is still a lot of new features development.


  1. be success for you my friend!

  2. where does mark zuckerberg gets all his idea for facebook?