Download Google Android Emulator | Android Phone On PC

android emulator desktop , who is not familiar with mobile phone operating system made by ? Yup, a sophisticated and is on the rise is now loved by many people around the world. But do you ever think to feel how Android was first? Now you can taste the sophistication of Android by using your PC using the .
Okay, I do not want it at length to explain what the . Here I am just sharing how to feel this operating system via your PC at home, although we do not yet have the device / phone. Now you can feel without having to buy a Google Android mobile phone, just with a software emulator.
An emulator software is simple and we can just feel this device directly through the computer monitor screen. And if you're curious to try to direct you can download directly !.
You simply extract the rar archive. Then name the folder extracted to "". Download and copy the exe files in it, and now we just played Android Application in a PC. Without complicated and rules.
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