, Fast Redirect URL service from Google

google short url Another new service from Google, This service is specifically for URL Shortener or condense / summarize site addresses, if cursory service we remembered with a similar service like or Yup, it's true this service is designed to shorten the address / url of the site. Previously this service is only for the internal Google only.

Url Shortener Services according to Google has the ability and the performance is very fast and stable when compared with similar services such as,, TinyURL, or otherwise.

For those of you who frequently use url shortening services, feasible for you to test. Because this service has been tested by the ability of continuous with locations across Europe and North America. The test is performed in real time every minute for 15 consecutive days. And the results can be seen below, and does not doubt that Google's services on this one to be reckoned with in terms of performance and its performance is very fast and stable. Short Url 
Bookmark this service, who knows useful and worthy of a reference tool for your website. Good luck! Good luck,,,

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