Get Ready To Switch IPv4 to IPv6, The Future Internet Protocol Solution

IPv6 Ready Does not feel 30 years we have felt the IPv4, IPv4 faithfully serving the world's Internet users so far. Since attending the first time in the 80s, this IPv4 service users growing from time to time. But what can I say this IPv4 service capability is very limited, because IPv4 can only serve about 4 billion IP addresses only. And what if this IP address until they run out? what is the solution? Consider sharing the following info.

Everyone must have heard that the supply of IP addresses with IPv4 will soon be exhausted, why gone? because over time and increasingly increasing use of IP addresses, IPv4 was finally no longer able to accommodate requests and almost reached its limit which is expected to run out the end of the year 2011.

Triumph IPv4 will soon be over, and will be replaced next generation of IPv6. IPv6 is the solution and answer to the next challenge, that's it for this we already enjoy a 32-bit protocol was for many years and only 0.2% of current Internet users who connect with 128-bit protocol next generation IPv6.

Pv4 address exhaustion from 1995 to 2011Because the latest generation IPv6 service, offering IP capacity much larger and long-term solution supply IP addresses. The move from IPv4 to IPv6 are still many constraints and need coordination from all parties, especially Internet users.

Plan presence of new IPv6 protocol will be celebrated at the world IPv6 day on 8 June 2011, along with trials for 24 hours straight some great sites such as Facebook, Yahoo is ready and will enable IPv6 on its main website.

And to find out whether you are ready to switch from IPv4 to IPv6 or not, there are several tests which are very useful for you.

Click here to .

IPv6 Test Ready

With this trial is the most important phase in the transition because only a few big companies who are new to this and have not fully IPv6 tested on a large scale. Of course, with the presence of IPv6, we must be ready and support each other and cooperate in the development of the use of this new protocol. Journey Internet history will happen, let us welcome the presence of IPv6 is with great fondness for the internet that much better and useful in the future.

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