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Just to share, this time I will try to share experiences and simple tips about the care your Nokia smartphone model symbian for Nokia Symbian S60 version, 2nd and 3rd. Why did I choose a smartphone, because I think cell phone smartphone model is the device that is very susceptible to damage at all compared to the phone without operating system. Both in terms of hardware or software. What and how to tips on caring for smartphone cell phone, consider the following.

In an age of modern technology is now increasingly mobile device smartphone model favored by many people. Besides being used for communication, this device can be to support the vitality of the user. Not only just to call or send a message of conventional, this device can now be used to connect to the Internet, browsing, chat, send email, and so forth. Just like a desktop PC, this device is very versatile, and sometimes we become very dependent on this one with the device.

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But did you know? With the sophistication of a device of course this device there is an excess, of course there are weaknesses that are particularly vulnerable to damage, both in terms of hardware or software. So to keep these devices work optimally we need care to maintain the performance of the device itself.

Among the problems that often occur in mobile smartphone is a device to become slow and sometimes hang or unresponding when we access or use the phone or when the phone is switched on. These symptoms usually occur on a smartphone, is usually the cause of these symptoms are very diverse. Starting from the software, access or file a messy arrangement, the number of application files installed or too frequently install and uninstall applications, even using the memory that exceeds the load device itself. It's a little example of the cause of symptoms slowing smartphone performance.

Like the work on a computer system, symptoms caused by mobile phones than on RAM, ROM and CPU that exceeds the load and sometimes due to corrupt the operating system. To prevent the problems that arise, we need to do maintenance and anticipation. Here are some tips that might be useful;

  • Use a Memory Card To Store Data / Files
    Not too many save files on internal memory / telephone, use an external memory slot / card to store files. Because too much, too often copy and delete and too long to save the file on the internal memory can affect the system. Moreover, the files are not so important. Usually cell phone use shared memory for systems and storage files. Then use the phone memory as needed and save it temporarily.
  • Place Data / File appropriate type of storage folder
    Get used to using the memory card / external storage to store files, be it photos, videos, music and more. Use memory cards with capacity or capability seesuai mobile phone, memory card capacity is too large to affect the performance of the phone or longer in the load file.
  • Organize and layout files saved on storage
    Use a good file management, apply / save the file in accordance with its type / storage folder. Suppose Photos on My Picture folder, the folder Videos My Video, Music in My Music folder, and so is the other type of file. Because of an irregular arrangement of files make the system too long to load the file.
  • Give considerable empty space on the memory cards
    Leave enough free space or 25% of memory capacity for external storage or memory card. If it is full, delete or backup files that are not important in other media such as on a PC or a flash.
  • Defragment, Mem-Reset Reset and re-format memory card and mobile phone
    If the phone was starting to feel slow, try to remove the memory card in the phone and turned on without memory card, if your phone does not affect the performance of this means that the memory card needs to defrag or can also reformat.
    And if necessary, periodically defragment memory card, if it is too severe it is necessary to reformat the memory card for more fresh. Use the card reader on your PC to defragment or re-format the memory card. But do not forget prior to backup the files first so was not lost upon her re-format.
    If the phone still feels slow try to format or reset the phone system (only for older versions of symbian nokia s60, 2nd or 3rd) by pressing * # 7370 # and PIN standard 12 345 or when the phone is turned off, press * 03 simultaneously and switch back to the phone. Do not forget to backup your data before resetting eg contacts to the SIM card and data to your memory card, all data will be lost due to reset the phone then the phone will return to factory default settings. And the phone feels new again.
  • Install and Remove applications as needed
    Remove or uninstall applications that are deemed unimportant or unnecessary. Use only the important applications, applications that do not wear it just to meet and overwhelm the memory system performance.
  • Turn off the application after completion used correctly
    Make it a habit to turn off applications that have been used. For users of the Nokia or symbian mobile phones like Nokia old series, Nokia N series, Nokia series E and others, do not get used to shut down an application by pressing the red button / phone off because normally the application is still active and was behind the screen. Certainly more and more applications in use will take some memory, for it is shut down/close the application normally. Or if you are using a multi-tasking, then try to turn off/close by pressing the menu button a bit longer then the menu will appear multi-tasking or applications that are still active, shut down unused applications by pressing the "c" button.
  • Remove traces of data cache or cookies on your browser periodically to give more space
    For mobile Internet users, Get used to remove data cache files or cookies on your browser regularly. This cookie file is cached or stored by the browser data stored on the phone memory.
    Cookie data is temporary and will be used when the browser requires, of course cookies will continue to grow as usage because it will eat memory. Due to limited phone memory, this certainly is very damaging because it would burden the performance of the phone. So to restore the memory in use need to delete the cache files or cookies on a regular basis.
    How to remove it is not difficult, switch on your phone's browser, then select the Advanced menu / options / preferences, depending on the browser used, then look for "clear cache" or "delete cookies".
  • Get used to restart the phone to refresh your phone system
    It would not hurt if you restart (power off and on again) your phone 2 or 3 times a day. The goal is that your phone is still fresh.
  • Disable the lock key to safety and saving power at the time of stand-by
    If not in use on long time or stand-by, disable the security lock code on your phone. Because of this feature is also a bit more memory-intensive and also consume a lot of mobile phone battery.

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Yup, that's all I have to say hopefully can be useful. Sorry if there are shortages, please leave a comment to add

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