New Release 77’s Font Added For Blogger Template

FontSharing weblog,  Yup! Blogger Mania, this time there is the latest news from Google's Blogger. For those who are faithful to the features of Blogger standard template, you will be spoiled by something new, of course, is only available to new Blogger template design.

Back Blogger did the latest update is the addition of new fonts, this addition makes 77 Fonts for Blogger Template. Previous bloggers also have issued about 35 new types of fonts, which of course is very beneficial for you to make your blog will look different with different fonts. Because I think we sometimes feel bored with the fonts that's it. And I'm sure with a lot of fonts and diverse, this makes the blog look more fresh and not boring.

Does this font can be supported by all browsers? Yup! reportedly, the latest of Google's Blogger Font has been supported almost all of the latest browser, like Firefox 3.6 or 4.0 Beta, Safari 3.5, Opera 10.6, IE7 and IE8, and of course the Google browser, Chrome.

New Blogger Template Font

Yup! I do not want to elaborate, of course, the bloggers already know where is the template editor. Let me login details to your Blogger account, Template Designer>> Advanced>> Page Text>> Fonts. Of course very easy is not it?

For more details, whatever font collections in Blogger Design Template visit the Google Font Directory.

Okay, good creative,,,

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