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RockMelt Browser Beta Version RockMelt Browser, is nobody knows yet? Yup! Perhaps the name of the browser is still foreign ears to us, because this is still a new browser and its version is still Beta. One more browser that enliven the world browser market, What are the advantages of this unique browser huh?

RockMelt, this one browser name. Browsers are deliberately designed by its creator as a media browser built in with the social networking media more popular nowadays, and Twitter.

Perhaps for those of you who crazy with social networking application is very precise, because this browser is spoiling its users with the features pretty complete to access social networking service. We do not need to bother opening the social networking pages just to make the status or view the status of a friend, because the browser is all available from our status, the status of friends, notices, messages, online friends, chat friends are online, and many again. All in one screen while you surf the web / site, you should not worry to miss the latest news from your friends because the browser is connected to your social world in realtime. It's that became one of the advantages of this browser.

Browsers that adopt the , . Which has been trusted with the reliability and speed of browsing the internet. Because it is entirely browser uses the same engine with Chrome, all the menus were almost identical. It's just one browser adds multi-functional sidebar dedicated to social networking service like Facebook , Twitter and other media.

RockMelt Browser

In my opinion to this browser's performance and performance after trying to run applications rather good, quick page views and I see is not much different from Google Chrome. Here RockMelt Beta it’s using the new Chrome engine version 8.0.

For the sidebar that is connected with social networking is also quite comprehensive in terms of service. Starting from the left side, the tabs display information of friends, there we can access the activities of our friends by Offline or online status. Continue right sides, there is a tab to view status updates, notifications, feeds or the latest news from a friend. There continues to display the tab that is connected with social networking site Twitter and other social networking that you can add yourself. And at the left corner will display the latest real time notification, all displayed in a tag cloud.

Check it out for the review video.

Download RockMelt Browser Beta Version

Rockmelt Browser is not just a web browser but Social Networking Browser enthusiast.

Yup! This just all I can to, to rest or lack of you please make a comment about RockMelt Browser Beta version.

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