Easy Way And Quick For Hunting Or Downloading Mp3 File On Internet

mp3 file Huuufff! The days are very tiring, always busy with work. Sometimes hard to divide my time, consumed a lot of time on the job. Yup! but all were treated with a slightly relaxed as he filled the article in my blog while listening to music mp3's pet.

By the way tell about mp3, I became interested in sharing the trick because I really like hunting mp3 music files free. Well although this trick I'm sure almost all the blogger buddies have a lot to know and ever read or tried it, but what's wrong let me share again here. Wait! Actually this trick I got from some forums and now I am trying to post and share on who knows could be useful for you.

This trick is really just to shorten us in the search for mp3 files on the internet are so many, well! sometimes we are the most lazy when hunting these files should open a web page first. Its too long time, Yup! now with a few tricks and help from the king of world search engine Google all problems could be overcome,

The trick was very easy, the search was so much easier and faster, simply by using alone. Here's how;

  • Open your favorite browser and open the Google search site
  • Well, here are the main key for Google will find any files to us. You just enter the following script into the Google search box;

intitle: index.of+"last modified"+"parent directory"+(mp3wmaogg)+"artist_name"-htm-html-php-asp

The way is to edit the keyword "artist_name" with the search you want then copy and paste the script.
Suppose you need to be find a song from the "Scorpion" follows the script;

intitle: index.of+"last modified"+"parent directory"+(mp3wmaogg)+"scorpion"-htm-html-php-asp

Mp3 script

  • Put the last script into the Google search box and then enter, not Within seconds Google going to come up with search results we want.

Mp3 search 

Mp3 Directory search

  • Open one of the links of search results, usually in the form page will appear that has a file directory of the site. Well, you live search for the wanted from the file directory is available. If there is still no match, simply press back on your browser to return to previous search results and open the other links.

Mp3 search file

Yup! This script is actually multi-functional because it is not only to search for music files only but it could be to look for video files or e-book, how simply by changing its file extension only. Well, for you who like to hunt and download the mp3 files on the internet I'm sure this trick can be useful for you. And certainly searching become easier, faster and unlimited, and also its FREE.

Okay, hopefully this trick can be useful for you.


  1. thats good idea.. nice tutorials.. but there are now a lot of mp3 site search engine.. like www.mp3-mania.com it offers a wide range of mp3 searches. but anyways nice article here.. :-)

  2. He,,he,, thanks,, its only one option solution for searching mp3 file,,, theres many way for do it,,,