Free Download SMADAV 2014 9.8.2 Update October 2014

The latest and best local Antivirus software updated Final Full Version October-December. Until now, there have been many all types of antivirus that offers various advantages of each, and the latest SmadAV offers solutions for computer users that are experiencing many problems growing the virus variants and type.

And the solution is very simple and inexpensive is by using SmadAV, whose application is very light and can be combined with other antivirus or antivirus as an escort. Unlike other antivirus that cannot be installed simultaneously with other antivirus, and will cause a conflict if you install antivirus in unison.

But not with this antivirus, SmadAV can serve as extra protection and compatible without conflict even though the AV software installed with other similar.

SmadAV will serve as guardian if second-tier major antivirus installed were not able to handle malicious virus attacks. And by always updating SmadAV 2014 9.8.2 periodically, with updates on new virus database so that it is able to banish the new viruses are popping up.

What's new in SmadAV 2014 9.8.2;

  • The addition of a new virus database 651
  • The addition of virus detection techniques shortcut Trasher/Dorkbot and VBS on USB
  • Bug fixes and error detection program

SmadAV apps is one of the indonesians that became popular in Indonesia since the beginning of its launch, which has been downloaded by millions of users that need additional protection. His main focus as an antivirus that provides more protection against USB Pendrive, and please note that USB Pendrive is the primary source of most virus deployments media compared via the internet. With special technology to prevent and banish the dangerous spread of the virus in total.

In addition to preventing the spread of the virus, SmadAV also capable of cleaning up viruses on computers that already have been infected and fix registry that has been changed by the virus. Not only that, SmadAV also provided with Tool-tool that is very useful and is used as an emergency. But not all of the viruses floating around that is able to handle SmadAV, then for the consummation necessary updates periodically to update the latest virus database.

To download can be taken directly from the official site of SmadAV for automatic updates here and there is usually a notice via the taskbar of the computer.

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