Worlds Best And Faster Smartphones Internet Browser

As the development of technology commonly referred to as a cell phone or smart phone, cell phone not only to telephone or SMS, but also growing sophistication of features in the smartphone. The development of internet speed has intensified, even the more sophisticated a mobile phone then the faster internet speeds are in the phone. Starting from the internet GPRS 2 g, 3 g, EDGE, HSDPA and HSUPA up to now finally starting LTE or 4 g was introduced with super fast internet speed.
But it felt less than perfect when the internet speed when it is not coupled with an internet browser, which is a mandatory application to surf in the cyber world.

Following the application of the best and fastest internet browser that is popular in the shops of applications circulated PlayStore Andoid, Apple Iphone Store and Windows Phone App Store;

1. Opera Mini Browser

Who does not know the Opera Mini Browser application. A mobile phone device most old browsers, OperaMini is one of the products of the Opera in special built for the users of mobile phones in addition to his Opera Mobilen Aplication. Does it matter if the Opera Mobile Browser running on your mobile phone without any compression of the data browsing, while Opera Mini runs on all mobile platforms, but through a process of data compression through the opera servers first. Therefore Opera Mini more favored mobile phone users because of its browsing speed and also internet, data saver currently OperaMini has reached version 7.6 and its users were increasing.

Opera Mini is one of the very popular mobile browser. Its popularity is indeed quite proved to be excellent in terms of page loading is very fast, stable, and efficient. Because the resulting page will be compressed up to 90% of its original size. So it can save time and costs.

In appearance the Opera Mini can open the WAP or WEB pages, even this browser also has the look of the browser which is really similar to the display on the PC. So that a WEB page can be displayed in full.

In the previous version of OperaMini 4.5 users can even change skin or skins with a few colored skins. Some of them have been introduced in version 3. Not only that, through this browser users can watch video content that is provided by the page that is opened.

Opera Mini features Opera Link, which allows the user to move bookmarks and Speed Dial on your computer that use Opera 9.50 or other mobile phones using Opera Mini. Even on a mobile phone that supports JSR-75, Opera Mini can be used to save the page. So that the user can read it offline.

Opera Mini can be used in Landscape. To do this, users press * # and move your mobile phone in Landscape or via the menu settings are available. Opera Mini users is facilitated with a few shortcuts such as giving you a virtual mouse, so you can easily shift into any direction. Or use the navigation on the Opera Mini browser can also use the keypad by pressing number 2 for 4 for upwards to the left, to the right, 6 for 8 for down. And 5 buttons to zoom in and out.

Opera Mini also allow the Web Designers who want to make their website look better using Opera Mini. Because Opera Mini is already supporting the needed CSS on Web Designers to make their web pages look more perfect on a mobile web page. Unfortunately this JAVA-based applications that are not yet supported Flash/animation page moves. But in terms of speed and reliability OperaMini browser worth it as the mainstay of your smart phone.

2. UC Browser
UC Browser or browser UCWeb is a new Challenger from china, pramban programmer whose name is known by the more mobile internet users than the default browser of mobile phones. Even this application became one of the competing browser Opera Mini application. Same with the Opera Mini Browser, which was introduced in China offers a browser for free with all the benefits.

Excellence and its ability to sort parallel with OperaMini Browser. As well as Opera Mini, UC Browser also has a pretty good compatibility. Because it can be used by some cell phone Java platform even had developed their browser for some of the latest platforms such as Android, iPhone and Windows Phone. UCWeb presently has reached version 10.0.

UC browser is similar to the OperaMini, from how to deliver data to users has been compressed over the server first. And this causes the UC Browser has data efficiency is high enough so that the effect on response speed and stability. Opening web pages on a mobile phone is no longer a difficulty even faster. Arguably loadingnya speed relatively quickly, perhaps because the server is not sepadat UCWeb Opera Mini users much.

Unfortunately the density of compression performed by UCWeb unlike Opera Mini so it still has some shortcomings such as not efficient in the use of the data, so it will suck up more Internet Quota or toll expenses compared to Opera Mini.

UC Browser is able to open not only WAP pages, but also able to be used to open a WEB page. In addition UC Browser also has navigation controls are easy to use by its users. Unfortunately the page views less good if compared to Opera Mini. The displays are still be mobile version, so as not to reveal the entire page as the original such as Opera Mini.

Surfing through search engines such as Google, Yahoo could be done easily. Even UC browser browsers support to make sorting to search web pages, MP3, pictures, maps, and more.

The ability of UC Browser is reliable to play media files online. Maybe you want to watch TV in streaming or watching a DVD stream. Even listen to songs popular with using mobile phones.

UC Browser browsers can allow you to get what you want. Because UC Browser has a pretty powerful download function so it makes it easy to download files that are small as well as large-sized files. So it can save time and costs.

The advantages of the UC browser is a Browser that is not owned by the Opera Mini is a feature of Multiple Windows. Because in this browser makes it easy for users while surfing on some sites at once using the tab, as it is commonly used on PCs.

Another advantage of the UC Browser browser owned is from the download speeds are relatively better than Opera Mini. This can be very pronounced when users see a page full of pictures. As well as upload photos to Facebook. This process is relatively faster than Opera Mini.

Moreover, the UC Browser Application has a pretty good Download Manager. When we download the file with this application, we do not need to fear when running out of batteries and cell phones off when download is not yet complete. Because there is a menu on the resume download manager.

3. Google Chrome browser
Google made this Browser may already be familiar to you Desktop PC internet users, which claims as the fastest browser.
But according to my observation, to surf using Chrome is very much takes up memory so that makes it a slow. Google Chrome supports all types of web files, really look for superior because data is sent is not compressed.
To the speed and stability of Google Chrome was still far less than his challenger such as Operamini or UC Browser.

4. FireFox
Firefox is the browser most long for Desktop PCs. And not only on the PC, Firefox can now be downloaded in all smart phone devices. For better performance, speed and stability in surfing, this browser is not much different with Google Chrome. Possible for you Desktop PC users better understand the advantages of this browser, yup! a browser with features and also a cool add-on. But it seems to me from the extended result in the browser becomes slow in surfing. And this is not I recommend for those of you that has smartphone user memory/RAM is small. But it's all up to you,,,

Many of the latest browsers may still be scattered in stores the applications of your smartphone, but sorry I can not try and compare it to other browsers. But I promise you will be reviewing the latest browser, back to the browser that I have reviewed the above simply as a reference the above browsers might have been quite recommended, and it all depends on your taste in use.

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